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Barack Obama Wants FBI Watch List Nomination Practices Reviewed

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President Barack Obama, in a statement to the press, announced that he wants the nomination practices currently used by the FBI to build terrorist watch lists reviewed. This comes after authorities found out that the father of Northwest flight 253 suspected terrorist, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, had told authorities about his son. The president also announced that he wants the technology used by TSA agents to be evaluated. There is currently legislation in the Senate that would legalize whole body image scanners to be used across the United States.

Some citizen groups have argued that the whole-body scanners are an invasion of privacy because the images show a naked body.  Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, is against the use of the scanners. Senator Joe Lieberman, who is the chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, announced today that talks on the use of scanners would begin in January.

According to a study done a few years ago during the Bush administration, the United States Justice Department performed an audit that found that the FBI nomination practices are very risky. They found numerous cases of terrorist files not being updated properly. The full-body scanners are used at six airports in the United States; they serve as a secondary security measure in a few others.

Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano said today that Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab was on the list, but was not upgraded to a known terrorist status because he did not meet the criteria. Republican members of Congress are wondering how he fell through the cracks. It is expected that a report will be provided to the president, and he may share it with Congress.

The president issued his statements from Hawaii, where he is vacationing with the first lady, Michelle Obama. At the end of the press conference Obama issued a warning to Iran about stopping  government sponsored violence against innocent Iranian citizens. Many world news sources have reported on the violence which resulted in the death of reformist leader Mir Hossein Mousavi's nephew. Mousavi said the killing was a murder plot carried out by government forces.

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  • you might have mentioned the fact that there are over 1 million americans on the no fly list, most of them unaware, and there is no way to find out WHY you’re on the list, or HOW to be removed from the list.

  • Cannonshop

    One of the new-hires a couple years ago was ‘escaping’ from a manager position at TSA. Confused training, high turnover, shitty pay, conflicting policies and LACK of training were things he told long, boring stories about (and they are long and boring after the tenth telling-even with embellishments that HAD to be Embellishments…), and of course, ‘office politics’ which means critical information does not go from the ones that have it, to the ones that need it-regardless of advanced communications gear we’ve had since the 1890’s (like the telephone.)

    Any system fails when the management is confused not only as regards the priorities (i.e. career is NOT a priority superior to mission accomplishment-unless you’re too goddamned incompetent to carry out the mission), but the methods as well.

    Maybe the Democrat from Chicago can manage to do what the Republican from Texas couldn’t-and get a non-military federal agency to act like they have something more important than budget-preservation to do.

    “Homeland SEcurity”, after all, was created to do what the NSA was created to do fifty years before-coordinate the efforts of the other agencies and act as a clearinghouse of information. (didn’t work then, the new one reputedly doesn’t work any better. Way to Go Congress.)

  • Glenn Contrarian

    C-shop –

    You DO know, of course that the Republicans have been blocking the Obama Administration’s nominee for Administrator of the Transportation Safety Administration.

    Which means it’s still a Bush appointee still in charge of the TSA.

  • Cannonshop

    #3 Maybe they’re afraid the Obama nominee is going to be (gasp!) Worse (yes, it’s possible, I consider ‘worse’ likely regardless of which party’s in power…)

    Personally, I wish the Dems had been more of a pain during Bush’s term-if they had, maybe the guy in that job would be a better guy FOR the job-you know, the concept that neither side gets what they want, but maybe in the outcome, we out here in the world get what is Needed?

  • Helosie

    Oh well, I got the wand and the body search. All I had on me was some damn bobby pins. WTF did the Nigerian muslim terrorist have? A bomb and a student visa. No frisk, no wand, no problem. I don’t think so. But what I do think is that the FSA should do is set up a real “Profilers” watch list.

    Yeah, watch the muslims and the student visa folks from all foreign countries. That is the cross section that did 9/11. But what do they do? Stop Heloise!!!

    I hate that shoe bomber. So now we have to sit down the whole damn ride. I gotta pee.

    I know

  • FitzBoodle

    Sounds like the lousy performance of the TSA is another bum inheritance from the Bush administration.

    The repubs have been persistently blocking Obama administration appointments, maybe that’s why TSA is ineffective: It’s still full of Katrina Brownies.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Oh, that’s GOOD, C-shop! “Maybe the Obama nominee would’ve just made it worse!”

    So WHO within the TSA is responsible for implementing policy, hm? That would be the administrator’s duty, now wouldn’t it? And you base your ‘woulda been worse’ comment on what, exactly?

  • Cannonshop

    #7 Government has the same problems (and problem-children) in its administrative end as Big Business-besides, my answer was mostly tongue-in-cheek, however we have a president who’s appointed so many ‘Czars’ that the White HOuse is starting to look like a Operatic sendup of the Imperial Russian Court. Given Geithner’s tax evasion, I think room for some (late) skepticism is in order-it’s not like they can delay indefinitely.

  • zedd

    Whats with the mustache?

  • Observer

    what about the others (such as Sudan, Palestine, etc) under the oppression of … you know. If he is narrow minded to have said from Hawaii “a warning to Iran about stopping government sponsored violence against innocent Iranian citizens”