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Barack Cycle And The New Mood

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President Obama has been in office for 55 days and counting. After the election and the inauguration we, the people, were dancing in the streets, as I predicted. That was the mood then. What is the mood in this country now? Not so good. It ranges from deep depression to, well, downright discomfort. We are collectively uncertain about these times.

Sleepless In The States

People are just not in a playful mood when it comes to friends and family losing jobs, homes, savings, and retirement pensions. The Madoff scandal/scam/crime spree, as bad it as it was for those swindled, has only added to the burden of this deep recession. We just didn’t need that blow to the banks and charities.Therefore, in my political opinion, these days call for some reconnoitering and perhaps a short history of a new president’s time in office.

The biggest stories have been Obama’s picks and pans. The biggest pick, and perhaps the most important one, has been the post of U.S. Secretary of Treasury, one Tim Geithner. He is a tax cheat, plain and simple. Defenders say that he does not do his own taxes; therefore, it is a mistake he did not make or catch –- and their point is? In my experience, tax preparers are often more conservative in their deductions and calculations than the client. I’m not buying his alibi. He is a tax cheat. Face facts.

At my obscure blog, The Trough, I’ve been keeping tabs on the tabloids and top writers from respected media, and have conducted my own unscientific survey of sorts. An article I wrote about Tim Geithner got the most hits. That's telling — this down Dow was keeping folks up at night. Pension funds are not immune to the skinny dipping that the stock market has indulged in.

But more than the facts of a global economy in crisis mode was also the worry about who can fix it. That confidence was not forthcoming with the Tim pick. He rambled a lot; evasive and effusive in his praise of Obama's ability to right the ship. Is Tim “F” Giethner really the man for the job? Based on online buzz and the grade from top economists — an “F” — we are sleepless in this country.

What grade does Geithner give himself? Keep in mind, if you listen to Charlie Rose's interview, that Geithner was in the administration when the SEC was looking the other way. Toward the end of the Rose interview, Charlie did go there:

Rose: But bear with me on this. You clearly did, and then at the New York Fed, you were associated with a lot of intelligent and smart people. But did you see this coming?

Geithner: [unintelligible]

Rose: Yes, did you see Citibank, which was under your jurisdiction in New York, was in deep trouble? Did Bob Reuben see they were in deep trouble? Did a whole range of people who had performed well in different circumstances see what was going on?

Geithner: Charlie, most people missed this…

Rose: Because?

Geithner: — didn’t see — you know, it’s a hard thing to understand. I think that probably was, you know…

No, Tim we don’t freakin’ know. Nor do we know exactly why Obama chose you to fix the economy. We do know that when a speaker sinks into a bunch of “you knows” then you know they are being evasive as well as inarticulate.

I know what you’re thinking. And if you are thinking, "You people drank the Obama Kool-Aid and now you’re pissed," you would be wrong. Because one has only to consider the alternatives to know that we would pick up that glass again, any time.


This Week’s panelist Frank Rich said that there “was this huge populist anger.” I have dubbed the anger “The New Mood.” We both agree it is all about the flawed administration messengers in general, and Tim Geithner in particular. New concern about AIG’s huge bonuses that are on the table because, as Sumner said, "we can’t abrogate contracts." Really? Tell that to those whose contracts were shredded. One thing is certain: if Tim can fix the economy, he will at the same time fix the newly formed bad mood.

For this article, I am using the new moon as metaphor. “You see nothing on the new moon.” Can this be applied to a new administration? Should the country be seeing more “nothing” than something? Is the president overreaching? Geithner reveals that we should be satisfied in the knowledge that a trillion interventions have been put into place, and that this administration has done more in six weeks than others did in two years!

It remains to be seen how these interventions will fix the economy and the mood of the country. What mood will prevail a year from now, or at the end of the president’s first 100 days? Heloise is not happy, and she is not alone.

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  • We are an impatient bunch aren’t we? God! Almost 2 whole months in and we’re still deep in the woods?

    Well, it’s a big fucking woods!

    Everybody’s up in arms about Geithner and his taxes. Who really gives a rat’s ass? Can he do his part to find us the way out beyond the trees? That’s all I care about. While the proof will be in the pudding (to change metaphors) I’ve seen nothing to exacerbate my doubts. Not all, not even most of so called top economists have graded Geithner at this juncture.

    If you put 10 economists in a room and directed them to figure out how to make change for a dollar, they’d come up with 10 different solutions – a couple might actually be right.

    I simply find it bewildering how so many people have given up on Obama when the game (change again) isn’t even out of the first inning. Nothing’s going to happen overnite. There’s going to be no “presto-chango.” It’s going to be a long, pitchers’ duel kind of game.

    I liked it when all the Obama naysayers were pointing to the plunging stock market as proof of his ineptitude. What say they now after 4 straight up days and today’s slight (7 point) dip?
    The drop in stocks had damn little to do with Obama and his policies, neither does the recent upswing.

    Frankly, I don’t know (and no one does) if Obama will succeed. I think it became clear during the campaign that McCain hadn’t a clue and would have really screwed the pooch had he won.

    Cheney and others are keeping busy writing revisionist history claiming all of our problems are the fault of the Dems – that in the 2 years they held sway (barely) in Congress that all the damage was done – that Bush and his gang were and are pure as the driven snow. Cheney is an ass.


  • Janice Neal

    How would the country be if Rush Limbaugh was our president? What a disaster THAT would be. He thinks he can attack President Obama and not make a fool of himself. Wrong.

  • pablo

    Hey Baritone,

    Are you part of that Obama Youth Brigade I keep hearing about? If so what color are your shirts? I suspect that they are brown pal.

  • Pablo,

    You’re not going to convince B-man into buying into your conspiracy theories. Ain’t gonna happen.

    On a more serious note, why don’t you read my
    Politics and Ethics piece and I’ll do likewise with the video and the other source you provided.

    Then we can exchange notes, OK?

  • pablo


    I am not selling anything, zero, zilch, nada, particularly to an obama zombie. I did read your Politics and Ethics article when it came out Roger, and quite frankly it is over my head, and thus I did not comment on it.

  • pablo


    That being said I am a big Lysander Spooner fan. 🙂

  • Shoot, Pablo. That’s the severest critique I got so far. Not to blame you, of course. I had better get to the drawing board and communicate more clearly. And that’s only because I do respect your intellect. Thank you.

  • I think I understand, Pablo. You’re more into the nitty-gritty, the ugly practice and deception; and I, perhaps because I want to escape it, acquired a theoretical bent.

    Something to thing about.

  • pablo


    Yup I am more of a nitty gritty kind of guy, nuts and bolts. I wonder if you have ever read any of the articles that I did contribute to blogcritics in the past. I wrote five of them.

    I am happy that The Obama Deception which has been out only several days now has already made the front page of both youtube and video.google, quite amazing actually. I see more people waking up than ever before.

    I think it is obvious to just about anyone that there is a ruling elite. Incidentally there is an excellent article in wired.com currently about the Bilderberg Group, also a rather derogatory one about conspiracies in wired.com.

    I chuckle to myself about Clavos, who recently by his own admission lost 40% of his retirement funds in the stock market. Not only is he not smart enough to know he has been fleeced by the same people I have been talking about for the past year, he leaves the remainder of his dough in their care! That in and of itself speaks more about Clavos’s politics than any of his fancy words.

    If I had a printing press and could print up legal fiat currency and lend it out to the federal government at interest I could take over the world too. It’s really not that complicated.

  • Baritone, calm down. I have not given up on Obama. But to say that it is too soon is wrong-headed. This is not a new problem, but it has a new mood/tone to it because we have a NEW president.

    We are not blaming Barack, but the people he has put into place who were there when AIG et al was driven in the ground.


  • Clavos

    That in and of itself speaks more about Clavos’s politics than any of his fancy words.

    Yes, it does.

    I’m a firm believer in the NWO.

    I profess no loyalty to any country, only to the Group.


  • Clavos

    If I had a printing press and could print up legal fiat currency and lend it out to the federal government at interest I could take over the world too.

    Don’t just stand there, do it!

  • Clavos

    I did read your Politics and Ethics article when it came out Roger, and quite frankly it is over my head…

    No surprise there…

  • Heloise,

    You quite right about some of the appointments, especially of Larry Summers. It was severely criticized by the radical left (Naomi Klein, et al) on Democracy Now! website. I’m not certain (yet) if your complaint is about insufficient radicalism or “politics as usual.” If the latter, then I totally concur.

    I wrote a little summary on Summers’ appointment that was aired on the aforementioned website (“Mr. Obama’s Stimulus Plan”) so you might look at it to see whether you agree. Otherwise, nice work.

  • “I profess no loyalty to any country, only to the Group.”

    Thus you live, and thus you shall die.

  • Hey Roger, provide the link for your article, you know I’m stupid.

    Yes, my fury is all about “business as usual–BAU.” That is why I am totally railing against his man Duncan also. I know Chicago teachers who know all about that guy. He is/was a syncopant who climbed the ladder the old-fashioned way.

    The thing about your observation I think is this: that radicalism and BAU are mutually exclusive aren’t they? I mean if one is radical and executing revolution rather than mere rotation you won’t be about BAU. You will be about “throwing the bums out” as I have advocated in the past.

    In fact, when the first bomb of the bailout dropped (before the election) I wrote a breaking news comment that AIG was its first target. I have to check my facts but I think those AIG assholes were the first to get TARP monies.

    Seriously, I am mad that Obama has picked a Tim, a Tom and an Arne.


  • Heloise,

    (I love that name, BTW. Reminds me of Wagner’s opera)

    This should do it: the link. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

    Don’t denigrate yourself. You write well, you’re not stupid.

  • Just looked at your website. Philosophical mindset, especially the classical mode.


  • Thanks Roger, I will check it out now. I was just echoing what my students’ say about me :). Are you on my facebook list?

    Heloise aka Leslie McClinton (facebook real name)

  • No, not quite proficient with it. I’ll look at it though. Thanks.

    We’ll talk later.

  • Cindy


  • Cindy

    (and then looks at her watch)

  • bliffle

    Good article, Heloise.

    I agree that it is too early to judge Obama, but it is open season on Geithner, who should be employing better tactics. He appears to be adrift, over his head, in fact. I think he is naive, as evidenced by his statement that the bonus contracts cannot be abrogated, since such contracts are abrogated every day.

    I’m also rating Larry Summers very low. He seems to be no better.

  • Thanks Biffle, Summers was all over TV this Sunday along with Geithner. Two Harvard egg heads that I have have already put on my “I-told-you-so list.” Enough said?


  • My Tim article—“What a Tangled Web…”


  • Pablo,

    Your #3. Well, at 62 I doubt that much of anyone would look to include me in anyone’s youth movement.

    This bit of sarcasm coming from someone who never saw a conspiracy he didn’t make hot, sweaty, grunting love to is rather ironic.

    Just remember Pab, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.



  • I got the motto for AIG and all the creepy (Cramer-like) derivative masters: “In Greed We Trust.”


  • You should look as some news stories breaking out about AIG, Heloise. The whole thing is obscene.

  • Here is a video of Rep. Manzullo (R-Illinois) questioning Mr. Neel Kashkari, Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary in Charge of Not Knowing What’s Going on. It’s encouraging to see that our money is in really good hands.


  • Roger, I have. And actually when I wrote this article I really did not know that the AIG bonus boondogle was about to break.

    I was railing against Tim “F” Geithner. And what I heard today on Rush was that, what I hinted at, he was the architect of the AIG stuff.

    And I had a scary thought: that the reason BHO chose TFG is because they did NOT want other eyes to see what had been done, what was about to be done, and what should HAVE been done.

    But truth told, the bonus stuff was already in the pipeline.

    Today at the Trough I wrote a piece “Why BHO is no JFK” and the premise being that JFK was really conservative fiscally. He was not a liberal nor a populist. I went along with them being sympatico, but can’t buy that any longer. It’s not true.

    JFK did some learning on the job but HBO I mean BHO is doing all his learning on the job.

    The latest is that the President has full confidence in Tim. Well, that’s exactly what Wachovia said the day before it had to be bought by Wells Fargo “We are financially sound…don’t worry.” Famous last words.

    I think, dare predict that Obama could throw Tim under the bus. Wouldn’t that be funny? I hate that term however.


  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    You should look as some news stories breaking out about AIG, Heloise. The whole thing is obscene.

    Roger, was it really a surprise considering all the bailouts this guy has been giving the green light to? Seriously,this isn’t a knock…I’m just asking.

  • Bliffle

    I’ve been critical of Geithner since he first appeared on the scene. He’s no good. Inexperienced and an architect of the original Paulson bailout. He should be dismissed.

    Neel Kashkari is also no good. Just a glib bumbler. Another Paulson appointee.

    But the knave of the day is Ed Liddy. He sent out the bonus checks on March 15. He knew that once he sent the checks it would be all but impossible to call them back, but he could have merely stiffed the employees, as managers across America do regularly when they don’t approve of the bonuses. Why didn’t the administration know that the checks were going out? Or did they just neglect them? Why? Who’s in charge?

  • According to Wikipedia, a perhaps dubious source, in 2003, Mr. Geithner

    was named president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. . . .

    In March 2008, he arranged the rescue and sale of Bear Stearns; in the same year, he is believed to have played a pivotal role in both the decision to bail out AIG as well as the government decision not to save Lehman Brothers from bankruptcy.

    And, according to Huffington Post,

    On that fateful weekend in September, in which Lehman was allowed to fail and AIG suddenly realized it was about to go bankrupt, Tim Geithner had a seat at both tables. He reportedly was the major architect of the original loan to AIG, the one that has since ballooned into $170 billion.

    Six months after the US set a course to get screwed six ways to Sunday by AIG, we still don’t know what the final tab is going to be. All we know is the news gets more sickening every week. It’s time Tim Geithner answered for his role in designing the original AIG bailout. (emphasis added)

    I agree. I can certainly understand Heloise’s disenchantment with the Geithner appointment. Never having experienced enchantment with President Obama, I can’t claim to be disenchanted. I am, however, a wee tad disgusted; see also comments #55, 58 and 59.


  • Mr. Dock Ellis

    Obama, Timmy and the rest are charlatans. The government owns 80% of AIG and they are outraged? They own it!!

    It will be very interesting to read your blog in two or three years, Heloise and see what kind of mood you see then.

    More so than ever, the Presidency is a most massive testing for any individual. There are no do overs or mulligans. Fakers are ascertained and dispatched to the rubbish heap of history. Carter comes to mind. This 4 years is going to be a very rough ride. Prepare accordingly.

  • bliffle

    The should have paid off the AIG execs with food stamps. That way they wouldn’t have been able to spend the money on cigareetes whiskey and wild wild women.

    Shouldn’t the Princes and Barons and Duchesses of the economy be subject to the same moral restraints as cobblers and farmers and other peasants?

    You see, this is the problem I brought up with Rogers noble attempt to unite ethics and politics: it’s designed to deepen the oppression of the weakest in society, while letting the most powerful off scot-free.

    But if we applied the same rules to peasants as we apply to royalty, then we could NOT demand that supplicants for mortgage relief demonstrate their virtue.

    But that is exactly what is proposed!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    I’m starting to think that Bush wasn’t so bad after all… I was able to purchase my new mattress with his stimulus plan. With Obama’s I’ll be lucky if I still have a place to put that mattress! People thought the computers would be responsible for a crisis in 2000 but we will now see a real Y2K with this Banking Industry Huckster. Or maybe we should call it Y2L: Year 2 Leave…

    I don’t see how anyone can just place blame on the cabinet members, it was Obama who chose these hacks!

  • zingzing

    oh guppy. with bush, all he got you was a mattress to cry on while he fucked your country in the other room. obama is just left with the sticky mess.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    obama is just left with the sticky mess.

    I know, huh, that money can get all over your hands.
    Man, I’m sure glad he had those people to help him clean us,er..I mean IT out…

  • zingzing

    who’s hands? and what’s left to clean out other than a bunch of unemployed people?

    shit, if there’s any cleaning to be done, neither bush nor obama seem to have the right tools.

    i’m beginning to think that bush dug the hole so deep that obama thinks it better to keep digging, hoping to come out on the other side.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Sure thing Zing…Well, I guess the way to start cleaning up this “mess” that supposedly started with Bush wasn’t to start handing bail-outs to companies that had a history of poor decisions or assigning a cabinet of people whose interests did not mirror the people who voted in the “Great Savior”. Huh, Bush took 8 years to make this “mess” and it only took Obama less than 55 days to make it 10x worse…

  • bliffle

    The usual defense one hears against this charge is that the 80% USA ownership of AIG is in non-voting Preferred shares (which count before voting common shares in bankruptcy proceedings).

    Nevertheless, it is common in business for Preferred shareholders to exert considerable influence over company management. To say the least.

    So I would conclude that it is disingenuous to claim that defense, and Dock Ellis is right.

    My conclusion in this whole AIG mess is that Geithner, Summers and Liddy were either naive to the point of idiocy about such matters (which won’t work for Liddy) or they corruptly conspired to defraud US taxpayers.

    Gee, harsh words, eh?

    But how else to explain the silence last week which allowed Liddy to mail out the checks on March 15 with no notice and discussion, thus accomplishing a fait accompli?

    There are grounds for dismissal of Geithner, for cause, for incompetence. And Summers and Liddy knew enough to be indicted for fraud, at least, and misappropriation of funds. Hell, an acquaintance of mine went to San Quentin for a couple years for misappropriation on a much smaller less flagrant case.

    “#34 — Dock Ellis

    Obama, Timmy and the rest are charlatans. The government owns 80% of AIG and they are outraged? They own it!!”

  • zingzing

    guppy: “Bush took 8 years to make this “mess” and it only took Obama less than 55 days to make it 10x worse…”

    well, that’s not true. this is like trying to stop a runaway train.

  • Once again, for the 10500th time, this is what happens with legislation which is rushed along much too fast, is unavailable to be read prior to being voted upon, and which, therefore, nobody reads prior to the vote. Our Congresscritters probably wouldn’t have bothered to read it even had it been available, but at least then they would have no excuse. Some eagle-eyed, speed reading reporter might have done so, but . . . .

    Here is a recent take.

    Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, and Ron Wyden, D-Ore., won passage of a provision earlier this year that they said would have prevented the type of payments now at the center of a storm.

    It was dropped without explanation in the final compromise on the economic stimulus measure, replaced by a less restrictive set of conditions backed by Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., and accepted by the White House.

    “The president goes out and says this is not acceptable and then some backroom deal gets cut to let these things get paid out anyway,” said Wyden.

    Neither side of the aisle, and neither end of Pennsylvania Avenue, has shown much good sense. Now, they are trying to cover their exposed backsides by complaining.

    Any chance that the Congress and the President will reduce Congressional and Executive Branch pay, allowances and perks to atone? Whoops. I’m being silly.


  • bliffle

    One of the big problems for the Obama admin is getting Dept. of Justice and Treasury both staffed up properly. Each suffered immense resignations and retirements under Bush due to the cronyism which resulted in political hacks appointed throughout those departments.

    It resulted in the infamous politicization of Justice, and the diminution of anti-trust which lead directly to the “too big to fail” phenomena.

    Treasury is seriously understaffed, and cannot track the intricate scams they are confronted with.

    Both departments suffered big losses of experienced and trained Civil Service experts.

    I suppose that’s a natural result of the government-hatred inspired by RR and Grover Nyquist, etc.

  • I wrote an article last night “Natasha Richardson–Death By Ski” and just checked the news, and she did in fact die. My article was at The Trough

    I told the reader that by the time they read this she will be pronounced dead. Many denied that she was brain dead but I didn’t.

    Anyway, I think this is breaking. Can’t publish it here because I published it at my blog. Last night a surgeon said she had what’s called “Talk and Die.”

    More later


  • Mr. Dock, Heloise knows all about being POTUS. That’s where her information comes from. I wrote last night that Natasha Richardson was already dead, only it was not public. I was right, because i read the signs and I have a medical background.

    Same here. I read the signs and I have a political background. In fact it is my ray. So, “the mood’s the thing.”


  • This just in on the latest reaction of Senator Dodd to the AIG mess. Anyone who can explain it gets a cement bicycle, a (fake) gold parachute, and my appreciation.


  • Cindy

    Dan S.(Miller),

    WTF? I think trying to read that gave me a seizure. I understand this part though:

    “Dodd also said in the statement that his comments on Tuesday and Wednesday to CNN did not conflict.”

    Let me spell that out. Dodd said, just because every other sentence he utters seems to conflict. Something he said on those two days didn’t. But, how would anyone be able to tell?

  • Cannonshop

    #42 Zingzing, you stop a train by applying The BRAKES, not by opening the throttle to full, then breaking the lever off.

  • Cannonshop

    To be clearer for you, This last 55 days has seen a president hire a Treasury Secretary (top tax collector) who blames his preparer for cheating on his taxes-if you were to do that and NOT be a big wheel in the Party, you’d go to jail for Tax Evasion just like anyone else who isn’t a big wheel in the party…for a much smaller amount, at that.
    The “Stimulus” package is light trying to fight a forest fire by dropping GASOLINE ON IT.

  • LOL #47 Miller.

    I think I recall when they were under fire from the conservative radio hot heads like Rush who said that we should not be foolin around with the free markets. And advocated that we let the bastards have their dough.

    my TARP + AIG = WTF really said it all, IMHO.

    Is Senator Dodd trying to throw Obama under the bus?

    Howdy Doddy IS the smoking gun! According to daily kos Dodd’s seat is up for grabs or at the least threatened by contenders.

    Recall when he was a candidate, Dodd was pulling a freakin 1%! And I screamed at him–Get the fuck out of the race, you idiot. He acquiesed by embarrassment. Worse than his 1% was Ted Kennedy endorsing Dodd (this was early on) for POTUS! At the time I was still at kos and I wrote Ted and told him to drop that stupid Dodd and get behind Obama, I also asked Gore, but he ignored.

    Ted and Chris are buddies and it is the good ole buddy network that is killing DC. Speaking of killing, last year I already predicted that the US and the world economies are planning a total coup of the monetary system. What better way to take over something than to destroy it?


  • Well, it is a bit clearer now. Senator Dodd says the stimulus amendment seemingly tailored to permit AIG to pay the bonuses was all the fault of the Omama administration.

    “I did not want to make any changes to my original Senate- passed amendment” to the stimulus bill, “but I did so at the request of administration officials, who gave us no indication that this was in any way related to AIG,” Dodd said in a statement released last night. “Let me be clear — I was completely unaware of these AIG bonuses until I learned of them last week.” He didn’t name the administration officials who made the request.

    Meanwhile, the clever folks who voted on the language permitting the bonuses (without reading the fool thing because it was not available to be read) now plan to get that money back.

    A House vote is planned for today on a bill to impose a 90 percent tax on executive bonuses paid by AIG and other companies getting more than $5 billion in federal bailout funds.

    “I expect it to pass in overwhelmingly bipartisan fashion,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a Maryland Democrat, told reporters yesterday in Washington.

    That’s cool, because it will stimulate all sorts of litigation. The families of tax lawyers need not fear that they will go hungry.


  • Every time a law is passed it registers on the tax payer. We will foot the bill for their mistake.

    I blame white people for this mess.

    I mean any idiot knows that the reason there are no black CEO or board members on most of these corporations is because it is all RUN by and propped up by BONUSES! And bonuses are the domain of white men in white collars who are experts at white collar crime. Get it?

    No, well Black people don’t get those kind of bonuses because we can’t get in the door of big corps such as advertising and Wall Street. In my life, I’ve known exactly one black corporate type (lots of other successful black men too mind you) who was an executive and had company stock and bonuses, but that’s it. And I’m over 50.

    However, to be fair, we did get our foot in the Fannie Mae door. And look how that went–bad, bad. I rest my case even though I did not win it.


  • You do have a sense of humor. And it’s good because it’s needed.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    @ Cannonshop…

    Thanks for clarifying my point….

    IMHO, Bush brought the economy down while trying to liberate a continent & Obama’s bringing it down further trying to liberate the criminals.
    Who does it benefit to give bail-outs to automobile manufacturers that have only produced crap & made bad decisions in regards to their employees for the past 20 years? Who does it benefit to give bail-outs to the crooked execs of the banking industry that screwed people out of their homes & have already been living pretty from their own ludicrous paychecks?

    I know this in the past 55 days this president retracted every promise he made during his campaign. Especially, the biggest lie that he was going to bring the troops home.

  • Yeah, watching “Who Killed the Electric Car” will make you mad. And you would know that it was pure conspiracy that killed that car. It also reinforces the point that automakers killed themselves with greed and collusion and clogging their arteries with oil.


  • Keep on plugging. But I’m starving for some minds, away from the madding crowd.

    Do you dare?

  • pablo

    Did someone say conspiracy? OH my god.

  • Yes, Pablo. You have a likely convert.

  • Cindy


    I think there was conspiracy to kill the electric car, too. Both oil industry and automaker had the same interests in their own profits. It looks like they worked together, based on who bought what technology, to kill it–in addition to other evidence that suggests this.

  • Poor old President Bush. He’s out of office, regarded as the worst president in the history of the universe, cooling his heels down in Texas, and the press still won’t leave him in peace. Shame! I say.

    Oh. Wait a minute. It’s just a parody. Whew!


  • Senator Dodd, (D. Conn), looks and sounds really ticked of at the way in which the Obama administration suckered him into agreeing to his amendment authorizing the AIG bonuses.

    His pique is understandable, and we now know that he is not at all to blame. Doubtless, he thought the reference to 11 February 2009 in what he assumed was a merely “technical” amendment was to groundhog day (2 February) or, more likely and to the point, Valentine Day (14 February).


  • Here’s what bothers me:
    I asked today on my blog “Is Obama channeling Bush?” because he sure ain’t channeling JFK, if he ever did. Jack would call out an employee who screwed up but not Bush, not Obama.

    “Is President Obama channeling former President Bush when he pats Tim on the head in public and says that he has full confidence in him? We know, we’ve been knowing that they KNEW all about the bonus past, present and future per CSPAN and other sources.

    We know that Tim is a tax cheat. We know that Obama has thrown Tim off a cliff. We know that he is still backing Tim. Recall, after Katrina and Brownie et al went shopping while NOLA drowned?

    Remember how President Bush patted Brownie on the head in public and t old him and the world that “Brownie’s doing a hell of a job?” Brownie indeed, another butt man as Rush calls them.

    So I ask you is Obama revisiting that crap that Bush pulled over the worse natural and man made disaster ever that was Katrina?

    Obama we don’t have your back on this one.”


  • Old Dodd will be dead Dodd come next election cycle. I don’t think he can maintain his seat. He can’t even lie straight. I thought there would be nothing to laugh at once the GOP was gone. But I was wrong–they’re all funny as hell.

    Obama can’t get enough of the spotlight. What a ham!


  • Heloise,

    Forget JFK (or Robert Kennedy, for that matter). They don’t make ’em like that anymore. Even when Clinton was being compared to Jack, I laughed. Vestiges of a bygone era.

  • Clavos

    Heloise knows — she is JFK.

  • Well, she knows genuine from a fake. Although Obama, bless his soul, is trying.