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Banned for Talking About Sex

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What's become of our nation and of Christianity? What are we coming to when we show blood and guts sprayed all over the TV, even on the Family Channel and Cartoon Network, but it's wrong to talk about sex. God forbid someone shows a breast – we all remember the Janet Jackson incident. What should have been a funny blooper ended up being turned into a scandal.

When did sex become evil and wrong? When did war and violence become the norm? It seems we've become so desensitized that no one gives it a second thought.

Today I'm asking you to do just that. Think about it. Question it. Ask yourself why things are the way they are. Is it possible we are holding onto beliefs that no longer serve us? Is it possible that we are following blindly in our parents' footsteps without questioning the different motivations and circumstances between the generations?

It's no wonder our society is so dysfunctional when it comes to sex and relationships and why our children are killing themselves in record numbers. When we value violence more than love, happiness, and joy – this is what we get. I'm definitely not talking about more censorship or taking away more freedoms. We've done enough of that already! I'm talking about taking personal responsibility for our society today. It's time to question everything and then do something about it.

So just exactly what does this topic have to do with our normal topic of dating and relationships?

For the second time, AskDanAndJenifer.com was banned by an advertiser, Kontera Technologies, for none other than Adult Content. Now I don't know about you, but when I think of adult content, I think of Playboy TV and the like. But Wait! We have no nudity, no graphic language, and no pornographic material at all on our website – Period! Check it out for yourself.

When we questioned Kontera about their decision they said, "Your site deals a lot with sexual relations, even that there is no nudity or graphic language, it is still considered as mature content with us."

"Sexual Relations" (you have to say it in a whisper so no one will hear you). They couldn't even say "sex." Kontera turned us down because we TALK about sex! That's their choice and I'm happy we live in a time when they can make that decision freely, but do they really think their clients are not grownups with the ability to discern what they're reading? Heaven forbid (yes, that pun is intended) our children actually stumble across a web site that talks openly and honestly about sex. They may even grow up knowing how to make informed decisions about sex rather than learning everything from their buddies or worse yet their first boyfriend or girlfriend.

My real concern is that this decision by Kontera represents a much bigger problem. Their views about sex are reflective of our society as a whole. Where are we going as a society when I can talk about war and violence all day long and show gruesome pictures of this violence on my website with no ramifications whatsoever?

When we start talking openly and honestly about sex and giving honest advice to people who have questions about dating, relationships, love, and sex, suddenly we're put into the same category as child pornography and hard core porn. There's something seriously wrong with that.

Our children grow up knowing more about combat strategies and murder than they do about their own bodies. This is the real problem. It's time to take the stigma away from sex and start talking about it openly and honestly for what it is – a completely normal and healthy part of our lives. 

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  • STM

    I find it quite shocking that a national furore can erupt in America with Janet Jackson exposing her right tit during the Super Bowl (and with a brooch covering it … imagine the outcry if there’d been a bit of nipple-flash or a simultaneous left-tit exposure) … but it’s OK to have people getting their limbs chopped off by a chain-saw wielding nutcase (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scarface) with blood and bits of flesh going everywhere.

    Sorry, but it’s totally bizarre.