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Band Aid III?

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CMU reports that Band Aid is going to be wheeled for another time to raise funds for the same thing it did the first time. Its a sad to see that the problems that B.A. first tried to highlight still exist in Africa.

The decision to push back the release of the X Factor track may have something to do with rumours Band Aid’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ is likely to be re-released in time for the festive season. The charity record would be designed to, once again, raise money to tackle the latest African famine crisis. Word is the new release would feature a remix of the original with a re-release of that 1989 Stock Aitken and Waterman produced version of the track on the b-side. There is also talk of recording a new version featuring contemporary artists (which would certainly increase its appeal for younger record buyers).

Bob Geldof has given the re-release his backing, telling reporters: “I’m 100 per cent behind it. The money will be critical as there are more severe famine conditions now and it will get worse in the next couple of months. It is too early to say who will remix the record. I might leave that to Midge [Ure – Geldof’s collaborator on the Band Aid project] to sort out.”…

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  • Patrick

    RE: Band Aid III, a noble cause to be sure but two things: Apparently, Paul McCartney wanted to sing on it (he may play bass) but the producer Midge Ure says McCartney is too old and that he wants to go for youth, and secondly Madonna wanted to participate but she won’t be allowed because she is American. On the first point, I am no big McCartney fan, but it does seem a bit ageist to leave him out, and secondly I am no Madonna fan, but it does seem a bit elitist, nay dare I say ‘racist’, to exclude her because of her ‘ethnic’ background. But it is no surprise that ‘Sir’ Bob is so inclined. The guy is a hypocrite and a gobsh*te.