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Baked Penne Marinara

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Sometimes simple is best. Sometimes it’s outright the greatest thing ever. Sometimes it just blows your socks off. Simple is as simple does.

So in keeping with this simple theme, I won’t bore you too much with the details of this amazing dish. Suffice it to say, the melding (and melting) together of pasta, homemade pasta sauce, ground beef, and homemade mozzarella is truly one of the best comfort foods ever. Reminds you of your childhood a bit, doesn’t it?

Pair with a salad or a side of veggies and your favorite red wine. Now that’s comfort. Enjoy!

Baked Penne Marinara


1 box penne
favorite pasta sauce
ground beef, cooked (optional)
homemade mozzarella cheese


1. Cook pasta according to box’s instructions. You want al dente for this.

2. Drain pasta. Mix with sauce in a baking dish.

3. Cut and place mozzarella cheese on top.

4. Bake at 350 degrees until cheese in melty, bubbly goodness.

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