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Bake Your Noodle: The Matrix, Uploaded

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05:15… off to see The Matrix, Reloaded. It was entirely possible for it to be a worthy successor to the original as a movie, while simultaneously undermining the philosophical structure that gave The Matrix its enduring quality. Fortunately, that didn’t happen – though the philosophical connections are not as clear this time. Neo and company have found some of the limits suggested in the original and stepped beyond them. Into what? That’s the question. Choices, choices.

Did I mention how much I enjoyed the whole “villain as Frenchman” motif? Oui, c’est magnifique! Not to mention historically accurate given the name. An excellent choice.

Speaking of choices, Sgt. Stryker gave the whole thing careful consideration… and decides to cheer for the machines. That impulse might get a sharp boost if his Internet connection allows him to watch The Animatrix prequel “The Second Renaissance” (Part 1 | Part 2). Movie-quality anime, coupled with a thought-provoking script on many levels. A worthy addition to The Matrix, and one that certainly gives the machines their voice in the story.

Finally, if you really want to bake your noodle, I highly recommend the Metaphilm blog. The Matrix figures prominently in its recent phlogs, and they’ve also covered other films I appreciated like “Waking Life.”

Head on out to the movie. And bring your spoon.

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