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Baghdad Explosion Kills 59+, Injures 114

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The violence continutes in Iraq as perhaps one of the bloodiest weeks since the beginning of the war plays out (although, that has been said about every progressive week, it seems.) Supposed Al Qaeda operative Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has claimed responsibility today for a car bomb explosion and gunfire directed at a Baghdad police headquarters which killed at least 59 and wounded 114 :

The blast devastated buildings and gutted cars near the western Baghdad police headquarters on Haifa street, an insurgent enclave that has been the scene of fierce clashes with U.S. troops. Though the attack apparently targeted police, many of the 47 dead were people who had been shopping or having a morning meal.

Paramedics and residents picked up body parts scattered across the street and put them into boxes. Anguished men lifted bodies burned beyond recognition and lay them gently on stretchers. Helicopters circled.

It is time to press the Iraqi issue on the campaign trail. Not because it is a potential loser for Bush, but because the future of the free world itself just may depend upon it. Bush has dodged the gritty details of the insurgency on campaign stops, and Kerry has not gone into detail about his own plans for Iraq simply because he has none. So, it is time to get serious. Iraqis are dying on a daily basis, “no-go zones” has become the operative phrase as the Bush administration attempts to avoid any true confrontations before the elections that may generate front page news about extended US casualties. While this non-engagement scenario plays out and cities are given up, the insurgency grows in strength and number while the US plays clean-up duty for mangled Iraqi corpses. And the Iraqis blame the US and Allawi for their people’s death and despair, and at this very moment as they watch their kin get blown to literal pieces who can blame them?

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