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Baghdad Blogger Nominated for UK Book Award and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Female Iraqi Blogger Nominated For UK Prize

Baghdad Burning, a book based on the blog by the same name, has made the longlist for the Samuel Johnson, Prize for contemporary non-fiction. The blogger, known only as Riverbend, has been blogging since August of 2003. The winner of the prize will be announced on June 14th.

Microsoft Creates Internet Explorer Bug Database

Microsoft has created a public bug database for the next version of IE 7 beta. It was decided that the database should be created after customer feedback indicated that a public forum feedback and suggestions was wanted. The database can be accessed by anyone with a Microsoft Passport account. It is now available through the Microsoft Connect site.

Morrissey to Boycott Canada

In protest of the annual seal hunt held in Canada, Morrissey is refusing to take his world tour to the country. Morrissey is touring in support of his forthcoming album Ringleader of the Tormentors, he has dates for Europe scheduled for later this spring. The new disc is due out on April 4th.

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About Katharine Donelson

  • I guess my point is that I find it incomprehensible that she could win the award over Iraq the Model or Hamurabbi who are really exceptional in the information they provide on a much more regular and comprehensive basis.


  • I doubt the Iraqi cat girl has to worry about getting “fatwa’d” by some medieval hard-liner because she posted something they didn’t agree with. With her success and visibility, Riverbend is a target. The nomination is well-deserved.

  • And she’s better than that Iraqi teen girl who posts nothing but pictures of cats.


  • I disagree with your assessment or Riverbend as “awful”. It is a different take then you get reading the milblogs or the blogs written by Iraqi “professionals”. I certainly don’t find Riverbend to be someone I agree with politically but her writing does offer a more cognizent glimpse into the chaos of life in Baghdad. I suspect her viewpoint and opinions are probably more in tune with the average Iraqi’s mixed views of the situation then some of the other Iraqi blogs.

    It is also worthy of note and recognition because she is a young woman, posting in what is becoming a steadily more repressive environment for young woman.

  • Dave Nalle

    Gah, as a fan of Iraqi blogs, I can attest that Riverbend is just awful. It’s not the worst – that goes to some of the fake propaganda blogs from Baathist exiles like Raed Jamal, but it’s intermittent, relentlessly negative and not terribly informative.