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Bad Bulldozers

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Bulldozer maker Caterpillar is suing Disney over the storyline of the new “George of the Jungle 2” movie. Basically, in the film George battles “bulldozing bullies” and Caterpillar doesn’t think that’s very nice.

In the sequel George, played by Chris Showerman, fights “bulldozing bullies” who drive Caterpillar equipment. That could have a “negative impact on children that view the movie” for the bulldozer maker and its line of toys, the newspaper quoted Caterpillar as charging.

As an aside, it’s pretty clear Disney isn’t putting a ton into this project if Brendan Fraser isn’t back and it’s a straight to video release. So it’s probably pretty lame (and likely to lack any signifcant “comedic value” regardless). But even so, Caterpillar’s argument seems rather lame itself – that somehow because the bad guys use bulldozers, the taint will harm the machines themselves. Guess the gun manufacturers really missed out – they should’ve sued Disney over Bambi, since the hunters have – gasp – guns!

Come on, people. It’s a movie about a wicked industrialist, and this is a pretty common theme in Disney flicks (see Herbie Rides Again and Country Bears, for example). Maybe all the wicked industrialists should sue and contend that they’re being placed in a bad light – nobody will want to be a wicked industrialist and tear down the rain forests, parks, or old homes anymore.

Note: The author wastes a fair amount of time blogging about a variety of subjects over at Walloworld, where this post originally appeared.

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  • Jim C.

    These guys must have never read “Killdozer” by Harlan Ellison, Eh?