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If my blog were a dog, I would call it, “BadBloggy.com” (That’s available for registration.)

It takes time and makes a mess of my day. (PuddleBlog.com is available)

And sometimes I have to go to fix typos, (BloggingAccident.com is available),
as well as the HTML code. (VetTripBlog.com is available)

It’s hard getting traffic, and my ads pay me not. (PlayDeadBlog.com is available)

Sometimes I just want to give up. (RolloverBlog.com is available)

Coming up with ideas isn’t always easy, and it takes a lot of thought. (ChewBlog.com is available)

But my blog is my voice. (BarkBlog.com is available)

I try to treat it well. (PetMeBlog.com is available)

In the end, I like my blog even if the best it can fetch is 10 page views all day. (BestFriendBlog.com is available)

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    Blog me with a spoon …!!!! @@@@@