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Backstabber’s Office Rules-#1- Learn From The Best

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It’s Sunday and besides football, there is really nothing going on in my neck of the woods (except snow and -2 weather). So, as I am a new columnist to Blogcritics, I thought I would use this day to spread a popular feature on my own blog aptly titled “Backstabber’s Office Rules”.

Basically, these posts are fortune cookie-like gems of wisdom that can help you in your everyday office life. Today’s gem is short, but definitely worth the read. I will be making Sunday the official day to post these rules so if you like this one, come back and see the others. Let’s get to it.

Here is a golden thread of wisdom that would have helped me in my last job. I tell ya, these lessons are so friggin’ valuable I should be charging you, but that would just be greedy and not very profitable since my traffic numbers are slow 🙁 . Alright, here it is:

Arguments are for the short sighted. Their gains never outlast the bad blood they create.

Learn this well, this lesson will save your job. Anyone who believes that getting involved in a verbal battle is the way to get ahead is ignorant. In truth, such actions are irrational and childish. The real source of gain comes from SELF CONTROL. When you master yours you will realize how easy it is to make others lose theirs. And, most important, when you can make your point without emotion while your opponent flies off the handle you, my friend, will have won hands down.

Later – T.

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