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Back to School Breakfast Fun

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It’s that time of year again, that beautiful time of year when all the stores are filled with empty notebooks, clean lunchboxes, and that distinctive back to school smell. Just one whiff is enough to make mothers dance and children shudder. Back to school can turn the most confident children into a pile of nerves, and my children are no exception. To ease the pain, I try to kick the fun of our breakfasts up several notches during the first week of school by surprising the kids with novel pancake designs.

Pancakes are a big family favorite, and they’re so easy to whip up, even while adjusting to a routine again. But no matter how often you serve pancakes at home, using some pancake shapes will transform this breakfast favorite. If you’re skilled with a ladle, you can pour the batter straight into the pancake molds, but I find it easier to use the pancake batter pencil which also can be used to create your own shapes.

  • Jungle Shapes are great for younger kids who are nervous about their first day of Kindergarden or Preschool. It’s impossible to keep from smiling with these goofy animals.
  • Pancake molds come in the shape of many favorite characters from movies like Cars 2, and Star Wars.
  • Big and little girls will love to eat pancakes shaped like hearts and daisies.

If you don’t want to fill your drawers with too many of these molds, I would suggest opting for the heart version only and personalizing them for your child with a little Hershey’s syrup or dark maple syrup. What a great way to send your child a love note!



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