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Well, finally I get back to my blog πŸ™‚

Quite a bit has been happening over the last few weeks, both on and offline.

Offline, I have been studying for my final set of University exams ever – just 4 law ones to do. They start in about 2 weeks do I have a fair bit to do. Once I have successfully completed those, I will have a Bcom/LLB from The University of Auckland under my belt, which is pretty sweet. I have also been making preparations for my trip around South East Asia, which begins just 2 days after my last exam in about 4 weeks. Hopefully, I will find the time to document it thoroughly through this blog. I have just been organising things like insurance, and a rough itenary – most of my time should be spent in Thailand, but at 3 months long I should be able to explore a fair bit.

Online, I have been venturing into the world of traffic domains. These vary from other domains in that you acquire them for the traffic they produce and consequential Pay-Per-Click (PPC) revenue. With most other domains you try to make money on the actual name once you sell it.

Traffic domains might have once been an old site, or a mis-type (typo) of a popular site. You park the domain with a PPC provider. They have access to thousands of advertisers who’s ads will be placed on your site. When someone clicks the ad they are taken to the advertisers site, and you get paid anywhere from 2 cents to $20 or more. How much money you make will depend on the type of traffic your domain receives (ie gaming traffic, xxx, medical etc), how much vistors and what the click-through rate is like. This sort of income is about as passive as it gets if you can get a domain with a steady stream of traffic.

Xbox Skins has been doing very well, as has Xbox2 News and Total Next Gen Gaming. I recently sold my Hl2 Blog site because I simply dont have the time to maintain it, and also with exams and then SEA coming up it made sense.

With all the traffic domains I have been acquiring, the old PayPal account is looking kinda sad, so I am also trying to sell off some domains. Check out The Domain Matrix if you interested! I hope this doesn’t sound to commercial – just trying to let people know whats going on πŸ™‚


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