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Babies are children under the age of one year. The first weeks after babies are born are exciting and enchanting for parents, but relatively uneventful for the baby. Babies are awake only about 10% of the time during the first couple of weeks, but those times are important in the bonding process for the parents.

Developmentally, babies are beginning to focus on faces during the first couple of weeks. Shortly, babies will begin to attempt to lift their heads especially if lying on their tummies. It is important during this time to care for the umbilical cord, which should be shrinking and preparing to fall off.

Baby blogs are some of the most popular in the Blogosphere. They may include parental support, questions and answers or shared picture and story areas. It is a challenging time in the life of new parents and often they are overwhelmed by the process. Blogs can help provide insight and “been there – done that” stories of hope and survival.

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