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Babel, The Prestige, Flushed Away: Region 1 DVD Releases for February 20, 2007

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This week, would you like your Hugh Jackman animated or obsessed?


See for yourself why this, the third film in a trilogy that director Alejandro González Iñárritu says began with Amores Perros and 21 Grams, has garnered so much awards-season praise, including the Golden Globe for Best Picture Drama. It's now up for seven statues, including Best Picture, though the one it really deserves, in my opinion, is Best Supporting Actress for Adriana Barraza, who will break your heart as a Mexican nanny with uncannily poor judgment. Do yourself a favor and just rent all three of this director's masterpieces, although have some Brak Show or something standing by to cheer yourself up afterwards.  

Strangely, this flick seems to be going out without any special features. Rushed out the door to pump the Oscar campaign on the day the final polls close? 

The Prestige

Not exactly overlooked or even underrated, this latest gem from Memento and Batman Begins helmer Chris Nolan just didn't catch fire and was quickly forgotten in '06. If you didn't catch it, it's well worth another look. Nolan is firing on all cylinders here, co-writing with his brother Jonathan and directing a solid cast including Batman vets Christian Bale and Michael Caine, along with Hugh Jackman. As good as a Batman vs. Wolverine flick?  No, but what could be?

Extras include a bunch of featurettes including one on Nikola Tesla, portrayed by David Bowie in the film. 

Flushed Away

Another Hugh Jackman film that got lost in the shuffle last year (don't worry, Happy Feet solved all that), Flushed Away is probably the most-praised but least-feted animated film this awards season. Not even scoring a Best Animated Oscar nod in spite of major kudos (including eight Annies, of which it won five), this latest effort from Wallace & Gromit animation house Aardman goes all CG, but with the basic feel of claymation intact. 

Extras include 21 games and challenges. Betcha Babel doesn't have any games or challenges, although they'd probably be pretty depressing. "Get the Mexican Nanny Back Into America." Yeah, that wouldn't be fun. 

Shut Up and Sing

Who would've guessed that one day The Dixie Chicks would be indie darlings? But in a year full of hot political docs, this one got as much praise, if not more, than An Inconvenient Truth. Appears to have no extras, but the cover's pretty awesome.

For Your Consideration

Probably the worst reviewed Christopher Guest film of all time, which is too bad since it's high time he aimed his satirical gaze at Hollywood. Still, there was talk of a Best Supporting Actress nod for Catherine O'Hara for a while there. Extras include commentary, extra footage and a poster gallery for the film-within-the-film Home for Purim.

In this week's long list: What would we do, baby, without an extremely delayed DVD release?

100% Quiz Music

101 Great Welsh Tries

11 Anos En Vivo – La Barra

13/Starke Loks Unterwegs

1888 el Extraordinario Viaje de La Santa Isabel

20 Years in a Van 1986-2006 – Disorder

2007 Allstate Sugar Bowl – Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. LSU Tigers

2007 BCS National Championship – Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Flordia Gators

2007 Fedex Orange Bowl Game

30 Anos En Vivo – Los Palmeras

30 Anos Vivo En La Usina

49th Parallel – Criterion Collection

5 Freunde Beim Wanderzirkus/5 Freunde Ma

5 Freunde Verfolgen Die Strandrauber

60 Minutes – Diagnosis: Autism (February 18, 2007)

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Aeon Flux: the Movie


Aladdin & the King of Thieves

Alias Smith & Jones – Season One

Alibi-Ihr Kleines Schmutziges Geheimnis

The Alice Faye Collection (That Night in Rio / Lillian Russell / On the Avenue / The Gang's All Here)

Alive!! Live at Blue Note Tokyo – Makoto Ozone

All Time Greatest Ever Welsh XV

Alles Was Zahlt Box 2

Alles Was Zahlt Box 3

Alphabet Animals Dvd Adventure Pack (Tiger)

American Classic – Tony Bennett

American Hardcore

Punk doc written by the author of the book American Hardcore: A Tribal History

Amor Puro CD+DVD

Amor Puro DVD Solo



Angie's Fantasies

Anna's Eve (Full Sub Ac3 Dol)

Apartment Zero

Late '80s thriller with Hart Bochner and Colin Firth available for the first time uncut on DVD. 

Archive Live – Varttina

Arger Im Gepack

At Close Range (2007)

Australian Bike Heroes


Babel [Blu-ray]

Babel [HD-DVD]

Band That Time Forgot – Guns N'roses


Barry White Story Let the Music Play (Dol)

Basilisk, Vol. 5: Shades of Night

Basilisk, Vol. 5: Shades of Night (Limited Edition)

Bellydance – Tribal Fusion NYC

Benditio Infierno

Berliner Weibe Mit Schuss

Best of Russ Taff

Bienvenida La Primavera (Spanish)

Big Space Shuttle Dvd Adventure Pack (Shuttle Toy)

Big-Busted Goddesses of Las Vegas

Bigger Picture (Pal Hk)

Blind Date-Verabredung Mit Einer Unbek

Bloody Ties


Blues Maestro – Botafogo

Bobby Vee:in Concert

Body Mechanics: Superheroes of the Human Body

Bonne Fete Hyacinthe

Broken – Evanescence

Bros (2006) (Ws Sub Dol Chk Sen)


Caillou 1


Certified Block Bleeda 3

Chicken Little

Completo En Vivo – Mestre Nito

Conexoes Ao Vivo

Cosi Fan Tutte

Crackheads Gone Wild:Miami


Crank Se

Crazy Race 3

Crooked (Widescreen Edition)


You probably don't remember this, but this baller drama actually got a theatrical release. With Wayne Brady, no less.


CSI Miami 4.1

CSI NY Season 2.2

The Cuban Masterworks Collection (The Twelve Chairs / The Adventures of Juan Quin Quin / A Successful Man / Celia / Amada)

Curious George – Zoo Night & Other Animal Stories

Da Block Party 2 (Ws Sub Ac3 Dol)

Dark Castle Horror Collection (House of Wax 2005 / Gothika / Ghost Ship / Thirteen Ghosts / House on Haunted Hill 1999)

Das Beste Aus Meinem Leben

Das Netz

Day the Country Died: History of Anarcho Punk

Dead Mary


Departed & Pledge (2001) (2pc) (Full Btb)

Der Brave Soldat Schwejk

Dick Und Jane

Die 1002. Nacht

Die Einzig Wahre Familienserie Von Ute D

Die Musikvideos – Ritter Rost

Die Schwarzwaldklinik St. 2

Disinfo.Con – Disinformation

Dixie Chicks – Shut Up & Sing

Doppelter Einsatz Best of 1

Down South Players

Dream Follies/Dreamland Capers

Dreaming-the Videos – Crowded House

Dune-Der Wustenplanet

Ed Sullivan Shows – Elvis Presley

Eden Formula

El Agujero

Elemental Gelade, Vol. 5: Decisions

Elle: Glam Fitness Complete Cardio Workout

Elle: Glam Fitness Total Toning Workout

En Concert a Erevan – Charles Aznavour

En Vivo – Sebastian Mendoza

En Vivo Buenos Aires – El Chaqueno Palavecino

Englisch Lernen 08

Esp (2006) (Full)

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Live at the Ascension Loft

Extranos Conocidos/DVD Lo Mejor En Vivo

Fagner & Zecabakiro

Fall Guy (2006) (Full)

Family Ties – The Complete First Season

Finally, you can recreate the classic '80s NBC Thursday night line-up: Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers and Night Court.   

Fate/Stay Night. Vol. 2: War of the Magi

Fifty Pills

Final Comedown

Final Comedown/South Bronx

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children

Fitpregnancy: Get Your Body After Baby

Five Men in a Hut

Flight of Fury

Flushed Away (Full Screen Edition/Widescreen Edition)

Fog-Nebel Des Grauens

For One Night Only – Terrorvision

For Your Consideration

Fox & the Hound

Freunde Fur Immer 09

Fruits Basket 1 a Great Transformation

Fruits Basket 2 What Becomes of Snow

Fruits Basket 3 Puddles of Memories

Fruits Basket 4 the Clearing Sky

Fullmetal Alchemist 10 Journey to Is

Funf Freunde Box

Gandhi (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition)

Includes an interview and director's commentary with Lord Richard Attenborough. I didn't know he was a lord. Do you think Sir Ben Kingsley is jealous? 

The Gang's All Here

Gifted Season One

Glass House

Godfather of Green Bay

Going Shopping (Ws Sub)

Gotter Mussen Verruckt Sein I+II

Greatest Hits Around the World – Shocking Blue

Greatest Video Hits – Police

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

Flick with Robert Downey Jr. playing the grown up version of Shia LaBeouf. Supposed to be pretty good. 

Guillaera News: Season One


Gundam Wing – Endless Waltz (Anime Movie Classics)

Hallo Robbie!-Staffel 2


Hard (Unrated) (Ws Dir)

Heroes Mountain-Eisige Holle

Hindu Pict

Historia Continua

Hollywood High 2


Hudson Hawk

The Impossible Elephant

In Concert – Martha Reeves

In Concert: Out of the Shadows – Hawkwind

International Vale Tudo Championships "9: The Revenge"

Into the Blue

Island Life

It's Good to Be Alive/River Niger

Its Good to Be Alive

Jacques Lousdier Trio Play Bach

Jane Eyre (Masterpiece Theatre)

Jazz Shots from the West Coast, Vol. 2

Jazz Shots from the West Coast, Vol. 3

JDM Option: D1 GP Suzuka The Anticipated Drifting Stage

Jimmy Burns Live at B.L.U.E.S.

The Johnny Carson Show

Joint Is on Fire – Kottonmouth Kings

The Journalist and the Jihadi – The Murder of Daniel Pearl

Julius Caesar (1970) (Full Chk Sen)

Kadokawa Horror Collection

Karaoke 60 & 70

Keeper of the Seven Keys: Legacy World Tour (2pc)

Keeping Mum

Keli Roberts: Asap

Keli Roberts: Flexibility for the Inflexible

Konig Der Fischer

La Sierra

La Vie Promise

The Last Bomb B-29 Superfortresses Over Japan Deluxe Edition

Last Supper: Live at the Hammerstei

Le Chevalier d'Eon – Psalm of Vengence (Vol. 1)

Learn To Dance Foxtrot: A Beginners Guide to Dancing the Foxtrot

Learn To Dance Rumba, Beginners Volume 1: A Beginners Rumba Dancing Guide

Learn To Dance Rumba, Beginners Volume 2: A Beginners Rumba Dancing Guide

Learn To Dance Swing, Beginners Volume 1: A Beginners Swing Dancing Guide to East Coast and City Swing

Learn To Dance Swing, Beginners Volume 2: A Beginners Swing Dancing Guide to East Coast and City Swing

Learn To Dance Waltz Volume 1: A complete Beginner's Guide To Dancing The Waltz

Learn To Dance Waltz Volume 2: A complete Beginner's Guide To Dancing The Waltz

Les Decouvertes Rire Et Chansons

Let Yourself Go-Live in Spain '06 – Demolition Doll Rods

Lethal Chiba

Lillian Russell

Limpiavidrios (Spanish) (Full)

Live a L'Olympia 2005 – Chimène Badi

Live at Conventry Cathedral 1975 – Tangerine Dream

Live at the Rock'n'roll Palace, Vol. 2 – Various Artists

Live at Wembley (Pal Eng)

Live at Wembley (Pal Eng) – Girls Aloud

Live from New York City – Marc Anthony

Live in Deutschland – Kataklysm

Live in Deutschland (2pc) (Bonc) – Kataklysm

Live in Japan – Village People

Live in Oslo 1966 – Bill Trio Evans

Live in Santa Monica – John Fahey

Live Letters

Living Torah Disc 33 Program 129-132

Lola Aventras (Spanish)

Long Good Friday

Looking for a Grail Legend

Loveless Collector's Edition

Low Life in Spain


Lunacy (2005) (Ws Sub)


The Mailman

A Man for All Seasons (Special Edition)

Man of the Year (Full Screen Edition/Widescreen Edition)

Strangely, Robin Williams only seems to be good now when he does drama. 

Manga Anime Showcase

Mark Twain: A Musical Biography

Master Players Ball – World's Greatest Con Men

Maximum Mma Presents: Wef Resurrection

Mestizo (Spanish) (Full)

Midnight Riders

Milongas De Buenos Aires

Miss Spider: A Froggy Day in Sunny Patch (Full)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack – Anime Movie Classics

Moon Phase – Phase 4

Mr 3 Minutes

Muerte En Tijuana (Spanish) (Full)


Mystique: Search for Miss Mystique 2006

National Geographic – Eye of the Leopard

Negima Magic 101 the Basics of Magic

Negima, Vol. 6: Magic 601 – Magic and the Dark Arts (Limited Edition)

Negima, Vol. 6: Magic 601 – Magic and the Dark Arts (Episodes 23-26)

Neil Young:Under Review 1966-1975

Nerima Daikon Brothers 2: Show Me Your Daikon

Night of the Living Dorks

Title of the Week.  And, hey, it got a good review from Ain't It Cool News

Night Under the Dam

Non Usate Precauzioni-Fatevi Infettare

Nqc Live 6

One Armed Swordsman

Open Water 2

I suppose it's useless to say the first one was really overrated. 

Origin – Spirits of the Past: The Movie

Oscar-Nominated Aussie Animation Box Set

Panic Room

Paradise Found (Ws Chk Sen)

Penalty King

Penn & Teller – Bullsh*t – The Complete Fourth Season

Perfect in Ten: Stretch

Persons Unknown

Pigeon Feathers

Plastilina Mosh

The Prestige

The Prestige [Blu-ray]

Promised Land Live: 1983-84

Protecting Yourself From Affinity Fraud

Protecting Yourself From Elder Abuse

Protecting Yourself From Investment Fraud


Pure Pilates Advanced

Pure Pilates Basic

Que Te Abrace El Viento

The Queers Are Here

Raining on Edinburgh

Rarescope – Duel at the Supreme Gate

Rarescope – Elimination Pursuit


Religions of the World

Return of Jafar

River's End

River's End (Ws)

Robin Hood – Quest for the King

Rock Relief: Live in Concert

The Ruth Rendell Mysteries, Set 1

Saint Rita

Samurai Gun: Complete Collection (4pc)

School Rumble Ova

The Second City – First Family of Comedy

Secret Adventures (Charm Bracelet Mail-In Offer)

Sesamstrabe-Wer Bist Du Denn?

Sickness House

Sindbad Und Das Auge Des Tigers

Sindbads 7. Reise

Sk8 Break

Soko Leipzig-Staffel 1

South Bronx Heroes

Space Movie

Speaking of Sex (Ws Sub Chk Sen)

Spiral 2 Disarming Fate

St. John Bosco: Mission to Love

Street Fighter II

Street Fury: Worlwide

Street Soccer (Peloteros) (Sub)

Strumpet City

Stuart Little

Sud- Ar Su (Live)

Superkickers 2006-C. Tsubasa 5

Target for Today The Eighth Air Force at War Deluxe Edition

Tell Tale-Heart (B&W)

Tenor Titans

That Night in Rio

Thee Films 1950s-1960s

The Three Stooges – Hapless Half-Wits

Through the Fire: 2-Disc Special Edition

Thug Connection

Thunderbolt P-47s Over Europe Deluxe Edition

Time Bandits

Time Bomb – Man Or Astro-Man?

Timeless Tales: Anastasia (Col)

Timeless Tales: Beauty & The Beast (Col)

Timeless Tales: Camelot (Col)

Timeless Tales: Cinderella (Col)

Timeless Tales: Hansel & Gretel (Col)

Timeless Tales: Hercules (Col)

Timeless Tales: Hunchback of Notre Dame (Col)

Timeless Tales: Little Mermaid (Col)

Timeless Tales: Mullan (Col)

Timeless Tales: Pocahontas (Col)

Timeless Tales: Prince of the Nile (Col)

Timeless Tales: Three Little Pigs (Col)

Tna Wrestling: Genesis 2006

Tokyo 1961 & London 1965

Totally Busted

Transition Video Magazine Volume Two

Turandot (San Francisco)

The Twelve Chairs

Twitch City – The Complete Series

U2:Achtung Baby Classic Album Under R

Underground Breakdance Box Set

Uns Dias En Vivo

Unterwegs Mit Jungs

Uschi Glas Box

Veloso-Gil-Caetano-Gal Costa

Vertical Limit

Vertical Limit [Blu-ray]

Video X: The Dwayne and Darla-Jean Story

Vintage Stages Live (2pc)

Vivo 5.1

Vol. 1-Best of the Jammys

Vol. 1-Latina Playhouse

Vol. 1-Noein to Your Other Self

Vol. 1-Underground Breakdance

Vol. 1-Young Buckethead

Vol. 2-Captain Herlock

Vol. 2-Underground Breakdance

Vol. 2-Young Buckethead

Vol. 3-Underground Breakdance

Vol. 7-School Rumble

Vol. 8-Kiddy Grade

Vol. 8/Scooby-Doo Meets Boo Brothers

Voyage to the Bottom of Sea – Season 2, Volume 2

Walking Tall – The Payback

The Wandering Swordsman

Wasser 01 ~ Wissen Macht Ah!

We Are the Future

The Well

What You See Is What You Hear

What's New, Scooby-Doo? – The Complete First Season

When a Woman Ascends the Stairs: Criterion Collection

White Air (Ac3 Dol)


Withnail & I

WWE – The New & Improved DX

Yves Saint Laurent – His Life and Times/5 Avenue Marceau 75116 Paris

Zathura-Ein Abenteuer Im Weltraum


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