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Azureus Rising – Short Film

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In today's Dose of Awesome we see that the recent short film trend shows no signs of ending and for good reason, there is some pretty kick ass stuff being made. This latest short is from David Weinstein and Black Sun Entertainment.

Dubbed Azureus Rising, the official site for the project says it is "the proof of concept for an all new feature film trilogy.  Azureus is the story of a young man who after escaping death and enduring a life changing journey — matures into a heroic freedom fighter."

It is a concept Weinstein developed while working at a California animation studio. He also wrote and directed the five minute short. Heat Vision reports that Weinstein is now in the process of shopping his idea to studio executives and agents.

The short is animated, but I'd hedge a bet that if it were to get green-lit for a feature film it would become live-action. As it is a concept short I imagine Weinstein chose animation purely because it is the medium he knows best. Although I think it would be cool as either an animated or live-action piece, this sort of thing would probably have greater appeal with real people. It is a fast-paced short with plenty of action, a super cool sword that can retract into the handle like a lightsaber, and high tech doodads like a suit which allows the hero to zip around and a scorpion robot with some impressive weaponry and a never give up attitude. The only downside I can find in this intense sci-fi short is the hero's hair — it makes him look like a troll man or a lemming, the way it is all blue and wavy. Now if the only fault I can really find is with the hair, then it has got to be pretty good.

The fact that Weinstein has a trilogy planned means there should be a fairly decent story developed and it is always nice to see new ideas instead of prequels, remakes, and adaptations getting the green light. Hopefully I'll be reporting on this project again in a few weeks time with details on the big screen adaptation. 


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