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The word “awesome” is kind of an eighties word. Back in the days when Michael Jackson was at his peak, everything that was “cool” became “awesome.” Back when “skate or die” and “skate and create” and “dude” became popular, so did awesome. About the same time that “stud” and “stud muffin” was the “in” slang to use on the playground, so was awesome.

So what does the word awesome really mean, and has it lost its appeal? If something is awesome, it is something that inspires awe. Awesome means amazing. And depending on who you ask, awesome is still overused. You can have an awesome natural latex mattress to sleep on at night, and probably be justified in saying so. But is it really necessary to say “awesome” 432 times per day like the teenagers of the eighties used to? Get real! (another eighty’s phrase). Use awesome sparingly, for some unique achievement, like when you score some backlinks to your web page from some really amazingly popular websites. That’s awesome.

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