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Aw, let the freak in

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I’ll give some Democrats some credit here. Several dozen Democrat office holders and former office holders are petitioning the South Carolina party to include perennial candidate, ex-felon and conspiracy freak Lyndon Larouche in the upcoming May 3 pre-pre-primary presidential debate. The Democrat Party would actually gain at least one or two points with me if they took the inclusiveness stuff seriously enough to include Larouche in their public event, knowing that he’s really likely to not make the party look good on tv.

The principle argument for his inclusion seems to be that he has more campaign contributors than any of the other announced candidates. Fair enough.

Give the guy at least a little chance to say his piece early on. Get another voice in the mix. He does have some number of people who follow him. Get his two cents in, then you can winnow him out of later debates as things start to heat up in the likely event that he’s getting no traction. At least they can say he’s had his chance.

And heck, he might make even Al Sharpton start to look reasonable and moderate.

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  • malory

    I’m sure David Duke had quite a few contributors for his Senate run as well. This guy is worse than the grand poobah of the tinfoil hat brigade, he is an anti-semite of the first order. Maybe these Dems are thinking he’ll make them look competent and tolerant by comparison, I dunno.

  • And if the dreaded David Duke is on the ballot as a primary candidate (Republican?), then he should definitely be included in their debates. It’s just the opportunity we need to hear again, or for the first time for some people, what he and his stand for.

  • malory

    Fair enough.

  • The worse thing about Lyndon LaRouche is people somehow connect him to the Libertarian Party!

  • The only thing Larouche has in common with a libertarian is having an “L” in the name. I haven’t heard any idea of people making such a confusion in many years. That was just a function of not knowing much about Larouche or Libertarians, lumping all independents together.

    At this point, I’d say that most people, or at least most people who vote, have some fair idea of what the Libertarian Party represents.

    Also, having Larouche show up in a DEMOCRAT debate puts it further away from us. I’m happy to let THEM have to not claim him.

  • This whole “LaRouche is an anti-semite” thing is so much Israeli psy-war BS. LaRouche’s top lieutenants: Jeffrey Steinberg, Larry Freeman, Kathy Wolfe, Harley Schlanger, Phil Rubinstein… Jewish. If Israel wants people to stop criticizing its policies, maybe it should stop trying to take over the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    Other tidbits about LaRouche on the web supposedly “proving” LaRouche to be an anti-semite or racist originate with various right wing networks interested in promoting as much confusion in the left as possible. Dennis King and Chip Berlet should stop posing as leftist intellectuals and fess up to their right-wing backing. Besides, King calls everybody a fascist that isn’t a complete, give-me-that-koolaid commie. Chip flicks “bigot” around like cigarette butts.

    Proof that this right wing net is tight? Ahmed Chalabi’s got a new lawyer: John Markham. Markham was the lead prosecutor in the government case against LaRouche. Chalabi’s govt backers? Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle. Rummie the Dummie probably would be out defending Chalabi if he wasn’t in hiding. He’s been out of sight for three days. Maybe he’s keeping Dick’s bunker warm.

    And comparing LaRouche to David Duke? That is so ignant. You want anti-semitism? Go watch The Passion. And by the way, LaRouche was the only American politician with the balls to tell the truth about Mel Gibson’s fascist recruiting film. I bet the KKK is showing it at popcorn and a movie nite.

    Judaism is not Zionism