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Average Joe Isn’t Chosen Again

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This looks like it will be the last of the Average Joe shows, because the girl has picked the hot guy and not the average joe both times now. On both series, the hot guy is pretty, but oh so so so bland. Gil had no personality whatsoever, he barely talked, and when he did, it wasn’t ever anything of substance.

I would have thought that when he answered her question of “what do you expect to happen from all of this,” he answered that he wants to be an actor. Red flag. It should have been over right then and there. On both shows, the beautiful woman talks about the connection that she has with the hot guy. The connection is that they are both hot.

Brian had it all. He was open and honest with his feelings, he showed Larissa things that he really cared about (Fenway Park). Did you notice that on both shows, the average joe is the only one to introduce the girl to his friends?


What was up with the ending of the show? The big secret was that Larissa dated Fabio. Okay yes, it does go to show why she picked Gil over Brian, looks over substance, but I have no idea of why Gil was so upset over this. They showed him leaving his winning three-day vacation with Larissa, and her in tears. Then, this morning on the Today show, we find out that Gil and Larissa are still together.

One last thing. They should have filmed the last elimination ceremony differently. Why show who wins first, and let us all feel crappy for Brian the last 15 minutes of the show. Why not intersperse, the two together, where she’s going back and forth between the two, so we don’t know until the very end who she picks.

It just made for a bad, bad finale.

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  • sonya

    I can’t help wondering why such a “beauty queen” would feel “lucky” to spend time with these AVERAGE HUNKS, who themselves were nothing better than the common hunk image, nothing exceptional there, definitely no more of a treat than Fabio would appear to be. I assumed her life had previously been nothing but hunks, especially after her initial reaction to the “Joes”, who mostly were BELOW AVERAGE.

    While I think Larissa was pretty, and I was fooled into thinking she had depth and was kind-hearted, after hearing her words that must have been scripted for her to say to keep us “tuned in” instead of “turned off”, I am sure there are much prettier, if not at least as pretty, women who have never entered a beauty contest. By the same token, there are much smarter, well-mannered, and more presentable “Average Joes”, less sloppy and misfit than the bulk of the pickings on this show, with a few exceptions.

    I thought there was a (joe) guy named Michael voted off soon after the hunks arrived that was very cute and nice, but who turned off Larissa with his comments about Jesus being center in his life. She got to KEEP Tony’s painting (self-indulgent – he should get to have it as a souvenir, sell it, whatever, she will probably sell it). Whatever happened to the one she was supposed to be painting of him? Fredo saw the obvious much sooner than the rest of us, and was the only “Joe” to figure out that she was NOT the catch of the day, as we all now know. For this I admire his intellect and guts to stand up for his principles. Now there is a catch, ladies. A man to feel SAFE with, and who RESPECTS you.

    Brian was an absolute darling, witty, charming, funny and entertaining, but unfortunately he took the “hottie” bait and made a fool of himself on national TV. But she was his Dream Girl, and I’m sure more guys can understand him than Gil’s Fabio hang-up. However, upon reading his comments on the NBC page, he sounds just as shallow and self-centered as the rest of them. What a disappointment!

    How can any of us expect “REALITY” to develop between groups of people who take turns (take a number) for a few hours at a time “ALONE” – WITH THE CAMERAS, SPOTLIGHTS, ETC IN THEIR FACES, with someone who was a perfect stranger to them before this whole project started?

    *****And did anyone else notice that Fabio was also a blue-eyed blonde (like Gil), AND there is a picture of him on his International Fan Club website (something about his sparkly blue eyes), where, I SWEAR, if you cut his hair short and dyed it black, he would look JUST LIKE BRIAN!!! See for yourself!*****

    Obviously Brian, Larissa, and Gil have self esteem problems, although Brian may have overcome his as a result of this experience. Gil always was, and always will be, a self-centered, cold-hearted user, and Larissa can’t seem to resist that type of abuse. She was as if “in heat” with every hunk, like some sort of brainless nymphomaniac. She obviously has serious issues. I feel sorry for them and for myself for all the time I wasted watching this show.

    —But I would watch it again if BRIAN were given the chance to have HIS TURN doing the picking…..

  • sheri

    I’m thinking…it all comes down to chemistry, and from what I saw, there was no mutual chemistry goin on between her or any of the guys. average joe’s or average hunks.

    If any of this is to be believed at all…I would say she obviously still has a candle burning for Fabio, the kind of obssession where she cant let go. Everything ends and begins with Fabio, everything she see’s is Fabio, and so on.She will be drawn to guys who remind her in some way of him.There is actually a psychiatric term for this condition called ‘limerence’.

  • Mick

    You know you’re watching a purely fictional show right?

    And not just that, but are they hard up for *actual* hot women? This girl is nothing special… she has one decent feature which would keep the spark going for awhile, but without more of the whole package, I can’t figure how anyone could stay interested for more than a few hours.