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Avenue Q cast recording!

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Woa, my sis rocks. She got me “Avenue Q” The broadway cast recording and its really hilarious. It’s like a Sesame Street for adults and the song titles say it all. “The Internet is for Porn,” “Everyone’s a little bit Racist,” and “You Can Be as Loud as the Hell you Want (when youre making love)” are some of my favorites. But it’s not all puppet sex and profanity, theres a bunch of heart injected for more good times.

The music is lively and the songs have intriging harmonies that ring through to the next song. I hope I make it to New York before this show closes, it will definitly be atop my list now with Urinetown closing and Bat Boy: The Musical a few years gone.

Trekkie Monster says: In Volatile market, only stable investment is porn!

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