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Transportation and in particular; autos are a major contributor to air pollution in most developed nations. Standard autos emit 11,450 lbs of carbon dioxide along with carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen. On average today’s autos are about 75% recyclable. New technological advancement in the production of eco-friendly autos is developing electric, hybrid, hydrogen generated and biofuel autos.

Autos are ranked as to size and amenities. The sizes and standards vary but generally include at least the following rankings for autos: microcar, subcompact, compact, mid-size, full size, luxury, sports car, and supercar. Supercars are ultrahigh performance autos typically very luxurious, expensive and extremely fast.

Blogs about autos are extremely popular. They may focus on a particular car buying services, the inventory of autos available for sale or newest technological developments for autos including ecological and fuel efficiency. Auto Spies is a blog site dedicated to being the ultimate inside look in to the world of autos. It was ranked as a Forbes favorite blog site in 2009.

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