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Evolutionary New Blogging Technique!

It’s been a while since I posted but I just got out of the Nuthouse. My Blog ZuDfunck is using a new Blogging technique called Storybook Blogging. We incorporate the use of Icons to enhance the content being presented a lot like the old storybooks we read as a kid, hence Storybook Blogging. We would love to have you visit! ... Read More »

Cellphones not just a Phone Anymore

The times is full of phone-y stuff. First the mergers will redo the landscape of Telephony. Nokia is aligning with Bill Gates. And Three original TV shows, including a spinoff of “24” are making their debut on Verizons’s new high speed cellular phone network. ZuD still has a 2 year-old Nokia he got free. I’ll listen to jams off the ... Read More »

Saturday Maze-ing with the Sampler

I can only do so much of the local press what with scalded babies and all. So I turn to blogs a few times a day using Bloglines to keep it perking. I also must have my fix from the nytimes, peppered with a little latimes for all the media stuff that breaks out there, and that dear Zuddies is ... Read More »

What is Dial A Trip

For thirty plus years Jimmy has grappled with what is Dial A Trip. Intended to be akin to an acid trip via the phone, DAT was legal and safe. Inspired by the sound collage work from the White Album epic, Revolution # 9. Composed on a Sony reel to reel recorder with sound on sound, using his LP record collection ... Read More »

Dream Sequence: PowerPoint Address Book Petri Dish Sphere

Shouldn’t one dream about the opposite sex or conquests of grandeur? I dreamed about a PowerPoint chartlike image and populating them with address book entries. If you take the above image and its representation a bit further, each entry would have an emoticon set off by that person’s attributes. The emoticons would be put within a sphere and animated. Depending ... Read More »

A Literary idea…

While surfing found this interesting Bio of a town Zud likes to visit in the Summer. These ‘graphs stood out: In 1899, Grand Marais was in its peak population years. The lumber camps and mills were thriving, and there was an active commercial fishing industry. The population was well over 2000, with probably another thousand people working in the lumbering ... Read More »

Who is #1? Does it Matter? Not at ABC!

“Maybe what happened this year will help everybody in the future,” USC coach Pete Carroll said during an interview with ESPN after Sunday night’s game (full USA Today article). Now there is a gracious Dude! Let’s take that thought and apply it to tweaking the system so we never have this kind of controversy again, a controversy that resulted in ... Read More »

Virtual Exhibitionists Please Explain

I entered the Blogopshere quite by accident some 30 days ago and have since become perplexed beyond recognition. I was a blogger and didn’t know it back in the seventies & eighties, using the Bell System. I maintained an answering machine that logged my ramblings and doled out wisdom freely. Last year I became acquainted with the web and created ... Read More »

New DVD: Northfork

Check out this review of a DVD version of the Film, Northfork that follows – has anyone Seen IT? Do tell… By PETER M. NICHOLS Few films make better use of a commentary and making-of documentary than “Northfork,” Michael Polish’s stunningly atmospheric, often mystifying tale of a wondrous visitation on the high plains of Montana. Mr. Polish wrote the screenplay ... Read More »

Bloggers give good Head-ache!

Here is why I don’t feel at home speaking on Bloggers. I did a post at Blogcritics.org and got a reply back: If you are interested in finding out about Blogcritics Bloggers, then check out the archives. I found “Our happy hate crimes :)” by Al Barger to be compelling (it got well over 100 comments). Don’t ever bring up ... Read More »