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“The Waste Books” by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Certain types of works are exceedingly difficult to review. They offer neither stories, as do most works of fiction, nor do they offer arguments, like most works of non-fiction. Instead, they offer only themselves. They cannot be judged fairly by standards created to judge and evaluate a work as easily as the previously mentioned types of works can. They are ... Read More »

A History of Christian Thought by Paul Tillich

The historical presentation of any subject is a difficult task. The subject in question can be presented in one of three ways. The first is simplified; the subject is presented as a collection of facts, with little or no connection between them. The second is more complex; the subject is explored, eviscerated, and placed within a larger context, from which ... Read More »

“Writings from the Late Notebooks” Friedrich Nietzsche

Few philosophers have had such a profound and varied influence as Friedrich Nietzsche. From artists and musicians to psychologist and statesmen, Nietzsche’s thought has, for better or worse, left a definite and lasting impression on the last one hundred years. Nietzsche was born in Prussia in 1844 and died after a long period of unproductive insanity in Weimar, Germany, in ... Read More »