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A Wacky Court Ruling: No Girlfriend for Three Years

Canadian Justice Rhys Morgan set a new standard for lame sentencing when he ruled that Steven Cranley cannot have a girlfriend for three years. Read More »

Bush to Gonzales: “Yer Doin’ A Great Job, Albie…”

The Alberto Gonzales affair shows just how far the Oval Office and Justice Department have fallen with respect to building competent management teams. Read More »

Healthcare Reform: Our Most Likely Future Is Now

Don’t expect any Presidential candidates to come up with any great ideas for healthcare reform… unless it helps their contributors. Read More »

Flip-Floppin’ Mitt And The Swill-Lady

Mitt Romney went on the attack against Hillary Clinton today by calling her a “European caricature.” He’s got a point, but he’s a worse flip-flopper than John Kerry. Read More »

Musee d’ Morons: The Creation Museum

The recently opened Creation Museum is yet another example of Biblical spoon-feeding... Read More »

The Dumbocrats Choke In The Clutch

The Democrats' inability to stand up to President Bush shows how far our political process has fallen. Read More »

Falwell in Hell? Go Figure…

Will Jerry Falwell end up in Heaven or Hell? Given his legacy and vision, he could be feeling pretty hot. Read More »