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David Brooks on “Natalism”

Or: Reproduction and the Meaning of Life Read More »

Truth, Autonomy, and the Value of Democracy

"Free" choices based on lies are free in name only. Read More »

Saletan On What Democrats Should Do–And Be

I think Saletan hits pretty close to the bull’s eye with this. I only disagree strongly with him when he writes: People are voting Republican because they think you’re weak. And, let’s face it, you are weak. You say you’ll defend this country, but then you go on about consulting other governments, cultivating goodwill, and playing well with others. I ... Read More »

bin Laden and the Holmes-Moriarty Problem

The New Tape and What We Can't Conclude From It Read More »

John Kerry for President 1.2

The Case Against Bush Part 2: The Florida Recount Read More »

Bush’s Wire or: Does This Tinfoil Make Me Look Fat?

Via Kos, one finds this at Salon.com: Oct. 29, 2004 George W. Bush tried to laugh off the bulge. “I don’t know what that is,” he said on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday, referring to the infamous protrusion beneath his jacket during the presidential debates. “I’m embarrassed to say it’s a poorly tailored shirt.” Dr. Robert M. Nelson, however, was ... Read More »

Bush’s “New Freedom” Commission Recommends “Mental Health” Screening for All Americans (???)

Um, this is from the Washington Times, so I suppose we can’t get too freaked out about it until it’s confirmed by an actual news source… If it were true, of course, it would be utter lunacy. Hmmm…but perhaps pointing out the craziness of this plan is one of those things for which the “New Freedom” commission will have one ... Read More »

John Kerry for President 1.1

Bush, the polarizing president, is unfit for office. Read More »

Villains and Kooks for W

Yesterday I saw at Blogcritics that the wingers have sunk to putting pro-W words in the mouths of heroes (of fact and fiction). Tsk, Tsk. This strikes me as rather loopy to say the least, but I thought it would be rather more fun, more accurate (or at least more plausible), and rather less pathetic to make up some pro-W ... Read More »

Suskind’s Bush Aide: Not a Relativist

The Bush aide Suskind quotes in "Without a Doubt" is probably not expressing the relativism of the Bush administration. He's expressing their dogmatism. Read More »