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Book Review: Odyssey of a Gemini: Autobiography of a Baby Boomer by BK

A first hand detailed personal and often disturbing chronicle of the chaos and the violent exploits of organized crime in the 1970s and 1980s. Read More »

Book Review: Recollections of A Marine Attack Pilot by Larry R. Gibson

The author takes you behind the stick of his A-4 Attack Bomber and gives you a first-hand feel for what it takes to do his job. Read More »

Book Review: Seouled Out by Andrew Henderson-Henderson

An X-generation memoir that doubles as a short attention span trilogy for the A.D.D. crowd. Read More »

Book Review: Touchpoints by Sally Shirley

Touchpoints deals with the unseen world - our emotions - which is linked with our physical world through words. Read More »

Book Reivew: No Blue Sky: An American Traveler’s Glimpse of China by Glenda R. Burkett

Experience such wonders as the Three Gorges Dam, considered China's greatest engineering feat since the construction of the Great Wall. Read More »

Book Review Romance With A Touch of Love by Kevin Hollingsworth

Bring love to your being after your heart, soul, and spirit have together realized this great wonder. Read More »

Book Review: Khuda Buksh: The Pioneer of Life Insurance in Bangladesh by Muhammad Obaidur Rahim

This book brings to life a forgotten era in Bangladesh and Pakistan's history. Read More »

Book Review: Death’s Crooked Shadow: A Novel by Gordon N. McIntosh

Fearing for his life, a real estate developer gets wrapped up in an old murder investigation and is relentlessly harassed for what he might know. Read More »

Book Review: Clubs Are Trumps: The Road From Plum Run by Kregg P. J. Jorgenson

"Clubs Are Trumps" — a handful of battle scarred Minnesota Union Army veterans will discover its meaning on their long road home. Read More »

Book Review: Adios! (Book Two, Aloha Trilogy) by Stephen A. Enna and Dennis J. Wootten

Can a determined woman with two small children stop the most powerful Cartel in Mexico? Read More »