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Book Review: The Rebel Yank: Words Not Spoken by Steven Ostrega

Gallops across the grand panorama of the American Civil War with all the rousing excitement of a full-out cavalry charge. Read More »

Book Review: Skin Dance: A Mystery by Arthur Smukler

A gripping mystery that will keep you obsessively turning the pages. Read More »

Book Review: The Label Maker by MacKenzie Stilton

Is Joe Solitus the spokesman for the digital generation? Is simplicity the answer? Read More »

Book Review: The Sound of the String: An African Bush Country Adventure by Brad Isham

Bradford's journey ushers him to the emotional and spiritual reckonings of both people and animals in Africa. Read More »

Book Review: Flash Fiction, Flash Bangs: A Sparkling Array of Hundred-Word Short Stories by Andy Underwood

A hundred-page book of hundred-word stories... Read More »

Book Review: Snail’s Pace: The Inventor by John Miller Conn

Buck, just a child when his father died, was not satisfied with the decision of the coroner... Read More »

Book Review: Idea-Links: The New Creativity by Jim Link

Idea-Links challenges the conventional wisdom around creativity, replacing it with a new way of thinking... Read More »

Book Review: 3D Deceit, Duplicity and Dissimulation of U.S. Foreign Policy Towards India, Pakistan and Afghanistan by Arvind Goswami

An honest attempt towards a serious project to present an objective analysis of U.S. foreign policy for India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Read More »

Book Review: The Alabama Rebel: A Novel of Courage Amid Conflict by R. Thomas Roe

This fascinating novel exams all sides within the context of a very unique segment of American history. Read More »

Book Review: Becoming a Superhero by Oliver Galang

See the adventures of our young superhero as he turns his life around... Read More »