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Book Review: ‘Psychiatryst’ by B. Michael Fett


A tangled web of murder and dismemberment not for the weak of heart. Read More »

Book Review: ‘About Time’ by Michael Murphey


A captivating sci-fi time travel novel of sex and parallel universes. Read More »

eBook Review: ‘The Last Man Out’ by James Kassel


A stranger arrives in a town full of secrets. Read More »

Book Review: Clear and Convincing Evidence: My Career in Intellectual Property Law – by George Gerstman


If being a Barrister is in your future, then this is a must read. Read More »

Book Review: Master Gardener: A novel about gardening, agribusiness, politics, love and Wylie Cypher by Rolf Margenau


A dramatic story, practical gardening tips and plenty to touch the reader’s funny bone. Read More »

Book Review: Cobra Combat by Robert E. Case


A military autobiography recommended for the whole family. Read More »

Book Review: Shadows & Wings by Niki Tulk

Tomas, a cellist and dreamer, denies the devastating changes happening in 1930's Germany -- until he is drafted into Hitler's Wehrmacht. Read More »

Book Review: The Rebel Yank: Words Not Spoken by Steven Ostrega

Gallops across the grand panorama of the American Civil War with all the rousing excitement of a full-out cavalry charge. Read More »

Book Review: Skin Dance: A Mystery by Arthur Smukler

A gripping mystery that will keep you obsessively turning the pages. Read More »

Book Review: The Label Maker by MacKenzie Stilton

Is Joe Solitus the spokesman for the digital generation? Is simplicity the answer? Read More »