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A decade ago, Bobby Brown was famous for his music, not his problems with the law. Bobby, Brown's third solo release, is one of this blogger's favorite albums. Read More »

King of Stage

Legal troubles, health problems and changing public tastes have taken a toll on Bobby Brown's career. Does he have the ability to make an honest claim to the title “King of R&B”? Read More »

The state of the NBA

A friend sent me this article by Phil Taylor asking if the influx of foreign-born basketball players will help boost the popularity of the NBA. I think the answer is no. I don’t think casual basketball fans stopped watching the NBA finals because “they’re too many black guys on the court”. Taylor hints at what I believe is the heart ... Read More »

Music and you

Research indicates that the type of music you listen to gives clues to your personality. Since I listen to all types of music (from country to classical), I’m either a genius or a psycho. Read More »