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Schembechler’s Death A Sad Moment For UM, OSU Fans Alike

No doubt his death will have a profound impact on tomorrow's game, the Big Ten, and NCAA football as a whole. Read More »

Christmas from October to January: Bah! Humbug!

Entertainers think they should do a Christmas CD, that somehow will help their career. They belch their way through what used to be pretty music. Read More »

Black Tuesday

Resumes Don't Get Jobs: The Realities and Myths of Job Hunting Read More »


I knew it: it's already started... it's here at Blogcritics... in Congress... everywhere... Read More »


If you're hippopotomonstroses - quippedaliophobic or sesquipedalophobic (fearful of long words), you may not want to read this... Read More »

Disposable People

...told her that I would talk with him about it. Well, she went on about it, nose high in the air, calling the employees "uneducated misfits." I couldn't resist the temptation... Read More »