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HD Media vs. Blu-ray

A shift is occurring in media that will affect our entertainment viewing experiences. Read More »

Your Anti-Virus Should Be Fired!

A look at why your anti-virus software is asleep on the job, and what you can do about it! How Avast stands up against bigger names products like Norton and McAfee. Read More »

Who Stole Your Customer Service?

Some thoughts about the disappearance of customer service in the technology-run society we live in. Read More »

computer virus

Computer Virus’ are a common problem facing more and more computer users everyday. They have continued to evolve over the past few years into newer classifications of infections such as spyware, adware, rootkits and many others. Computer viruses are nothing more than computer programs designed with malicious intent to interfere with productivity, steal information or simply delete your information. As ... Read More »

Your Computer is Under Attack!

How's your system security these days? Read More »