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Pacquiao vs Marquez III: An Upset is Not Impossible

The Pacquaio vs Marquez 3 fight will end the controversial rivalry for these two fighters. Who's your bet? Read More »

UFC 126: Belfort vs. Silva Preview

Belfort reacts on how Silva handled himself during the UFC 126 pre-fight conference and is my pick to beat him for the middleweight title. Read More »

Anderson Silva Will Finally Fight Vitor Belfort in UFC 126

The much anticipated and long delayed Silva-Belfort fight will take place in Vegas next month via PPV, and it is not to be missed. Read More »

UFC 124 Live on Pay-Per-View: Is This Event Worth Your Money?

There are a few ways to watch UFC 124 and one of them is through pay-per-view. But is it the best option? Read More »

UFC 124 Fever and Weigh-In Results

The official weigh-in of UFC 124 fighters was concluded last night. Check out their official weights and statistics and how the crowd reacted. Read More »

LeBron Visits Cleveland for the First Time After Leaving the Cavaliers

Get ready for a very dramatic night in Cleveland. Read More »

My Speculations on Who Will Be the Winner in UFC 124

St-Pierre vs Koscheck is a pay-per-view rematch not to be missed. Read More »