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Marduk – World Funeral REVIEW

For advanced listeners of metal and all the loyal extreme metal fans: Black metal, blacker mood I discovered two things today — Uno, MINI drivers actually take themselves quite seriously and dos, there is a quite vocal minority of movie fans that think The Italian Job is brilliant — I’ve seen it all now, on to the task at hand ... Read More »

KREATOR: Revisioned Glory

Although I have always been aware of their existence, I never dipped into the musical bloodpool that is KREATOR and their catalog Well, recently on a whim, I picked up their limited live CD and then this live DVD set— and frankly, what the heck was I waiting for?!?!?! — Kreator proves its position as Germany’s excellent contribution to the ... Read More »

SLAYER: War at the Warfield DVD

Time to get back on the horse — and do a review from a 30something metalhead’s point of view On deck today is a DVD from one of the original four revolutionary bands of the thrash movement in the 80s — SLAYER!!! But first, a side note: I have seen the real life Beavis of Beavis and Butthead, if you ... Read More »


Friday evening, SheDev and I made it down to the local stadium multiplex and caught Ang Lee’s vision of Hulk … yes, that isn’t a typo — HULK. There is no preceding The or The Incredible — this one is simply entitled HULK. The other thing as a word of caution for people who would bring their really youngsters to ... Read More »

Lamb of God – As the Palaces Burn REVIEW

My metal interest is somewhat submarine (perhaps you were thinking, sublime? I doubt that that is the case) — in the sense that I don’t just stop with what’s on the surface. My interest in lesser known artists has been with me since 1984 or so, but it has not been entirely continuous. I returned to my roots may be ... Read More »

Anthrax – We’ve Come For You All REVIEW

What does it mean that I am still listening to “metal”, “hard rock”, or loud music at my age? — gasp, Peter Pan has nothing on me, and perhaps I have the all the taste capability of a tongueless squirrel. Perhaps I should re-dedicate myself to finding musical truth, genius, and listenability by increasing my listenership of Radiohead, or perhaps ... Read More »

Turbonegro – Scandinavian Leather REVIEW

Ok, I admit it, I was influenced by a music video to purchase a CD — I almost feel dirty now. Of course, you know with me, it never comes easy. So as I was browsing the streaming vid portion of the loudest website on the Net (hint, hint), I discovered this really weird vid with this guy in a ... Read More »

Godsmack – Faceless

Worthless: Name Change for Godsmack’s new CD Does anyone remember 1998? I’m afraid to say that I can’t really differentiate 98 from 99 from 00 … and it’s not because of drugs or anything, its just that life somehow went groundhog’s day for me around this period (ed.note: a review of FACELESS by Godsmack follows … and some evaluation of ... Read More »

Evanescence – Fallen Review

We are not GOTH, We are …? DEVO? …. (what Wind-Up Records has done with its CREED money … hmm) Actually one of the best discoveries by the Luau this year, which we have taken 8 million years to write about So it all begins with a mixed movie called Daredevil … and two songs that really stand out on ... Read More »

Biggie & Tupac DVD REVIEW

Well, I finally finished watching Broomfield’s documentary on the murders of two of the most prominent rap stars of my generation … Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls/Notorious BIG) This documentary portends to tell the truth, or at least make a good faith effort to search for some answers behind these murders I recall reading the stories in the ... Read More »