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Sleater-Kinney at the Empire

Sacramento has a new live music venue in the midtown area. It’s called the Empire, and I went there for the first time the other night to see Sleater-Kinney. The place has the size and location to make it a good draw for national acts that have a hard time filling an arena or large auditorium, but still need more ... Read More »

Honky – Live at The Distillery

Friday night I walked over to The Distillery to see the Texas band, Honky. Honky is a rock trio that is led by bassist Jeff Pinkus (or as a local paper identified him, as “JD Pinkett” (isn’t that Will Smith’s wife?)), formerly of Butthole Surfers. The band also includes Bobby Landgraf on guitar and drummer Kenny Wagner. Honky doesn’t sound ... Read More »

The Alarm: An Old Dog Tries New Trick

The aging UK band, The Alarm, have succeeded in pulling a prank on the record buying public. The middle-aged group, best known for their 1983 song “68 Guns”, recorded a new single under the fake band name of The Poppyfields. The single, titled “45RPM”, is currently number 28 on the British Charts. It was released with a video in which ... Read More »

50 First Dates

It happens almost all the time. Somebody has an unexpected success with a movie, and then they try to repeat that success by following the same basic formula again. I really enjoyed “The Wedding Singer”. That’s why I expected the new Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore vehicle, “50 First Dates”, to totally suck. I was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t suck ... Read More »

The 10 Most Degrading Reality TV Shows (So Far)

Reality TV is no longer just a joke. What was once an embarrassing oddity has become a tidal wave of programming. Cheap production costs and a seemingly endless supply of people willing to debase themselves in the pursuit of ‘celebrity’ make it likely that Reality TV will stay as much a staple of network broadcasts as situation comedies and police ... Read More »

Chuck D’s State of the Union Address and Vibe Session

Chuck D, of the group Public Enemy and Rapstation.com, is not your average successful rapper. You won’t see him showing off his plasma TV’s and tricked out Hummer on MTV. He isn’t likely to be hanging in the VIP room with Paris Hilton and P Diddy. If you’re lucky, though, you might catch him speaking at one of the 50 ... Read More »

A Bare Breast Isn’t a Crisis

A quarter of a million people came to Blogcritics yesterday to read other people’s opinions on Janet Jackson’s boob, huh? Isn’t that amazing? I thought the flashing stunt was inappropriate for the occasion, and the way it was performed, as a simulated assault, bothered me more than just seeing a beautiful woman’s nearly nude breast. Still, wouldn’t it be nice ... Read More »

Bubba Ho-Tep

What’s that you say? You’re sick of movie sequels, remakes of old TV shows and all the other unoriginal films that Hollywood regularly turns out like sausage? Well, I just saw a movie which is perhaps more original than most people can handle. The movie is called Bubba Ho-Tep, and it has been slowly making its way to theaters around ... Read More »

Happiness Has a Minimum Price

I was cold and miserable sitting at the bus stop, waiting for a ride to see my doctor. The bus was 40 minutes late when it finally arrived, and I knew that the physician’s staff wouldn’t be very sympathetic to my transportation problems. As I squeezed onto a crowded city bus and stood pressed between other irritated passengers, I was ... Read More »

Punk Trek

Saturday night I went out to see a number of bands being filmed for the sequel to the documentary Trekkies. If you haven’t bought the original DVD, you should. It’s funny as hell. I’m not much of a Star Trek fan, though I did get into The Next Generation for a few seasons. The main reason I went was to ... Read More »