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Author Archives: VS Grenier

Interview: Lawrence Elliott, Author of ‘Practical Proverbs for Everyday Living’

Everyday Living cover

"It was not my decision or idea to write a book for the religious market. The Holy Spirit gave me the idea to write the book" Read More »

Interview: Camille Matthews, Author of ‘Quincy and Buck’

Cover Image Quincy and Buck

"My favorite part of writing for children is staying with the simplicity and resonance of the words . . ." Read More »

Interview: L.R.W. Lee, Author of the Andy Smithson series

Lee Book Launch

"If there is a reason you are passionate about writing . . . only you can hold that narrative and see it through." Read More »

Interview with Debut Author Alicia Lloyd


"My story is to let children ponder what their monsters are and to leave the message to never be afraid of them." Read More »

Interview with Debut Author Christy E. Bykowski, author of ‘Gluten Free Me: Beckmin Goes to School’

Gluten-Free cover small

Written for children to help them understand and talk about celiac disease, but also informative for adults. Read More »

Book Review: ‘When the Monsters are Quiet’ by Alicia Lloyd

When the Monsters are Quiet cover

Recommended for its adorable illustrations and as a useful guide for parents and educators. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Gluten-Free Me’ by Christy E. Bykowski

Gluten-Free cover

A new children's book helps kids and adults understand wheat-based allergies. Read More »

Interview with Award-winning Children’s Author Donna McDine


"When a thought or inspiration comes to me I want to write it down immediately." Read More »

Interview with Scott Driscoll, Author of ‘Better You Go Home’

Better You Go Hom cover

"Be a good observer. Train yourself to observe and record dispassionately. Don’t take sides." Read More »

Interview with Patti B. Jefferson, Author and Illustrator of ‘How Long Will You Love Me?’


"Any mistakes or missteps that I have made along the way got me to where I am so I don't think I would change anything." Read More »