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Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Is faith enough? Faith without knowledge still seems to leave the Prioress in a dark place where mercy falls on only those with her sort of faith, and Love does not conquer fear and longing. Read More »

Jordan Tracks

Years ago, my high school ethics teacher, who also happened to be my school’s Vice Principal, complained about how awful John Grisham was for starting A Time to Kill with a violent rape scene of a prepubescent black girl. The gist being, that he was startled and disgusted. At the time, I thought “Whatever, I liked that movie.” What a ... Read More »

Engaged and Book Journal Begins

Some time ago, I began a book journal. When I first began I decided to keep a book of my own impressions and favorite quotations from whatever I was reading, my intial entries, which really included little more than vague musings, fell short of what I had set out to do. But at least it's a start. Read More »