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Why Liberal? A Toothless Manifesto

The fence is sometimes a painful thing to sit on. Trust me: it’s much easier to be anything but a liberal these days. When I say liberal, I mean something different from what George. W. Bush means — he clearly intends the word to suggest something like “closet Stalinist who performs back-alley abortions for kicks, while fisting.” No, I’m using ... Read More »

Halliburton Alert: Once Again, The Vulture Need Not Bid

The vulture need not bid, nor — apparently — pay minimum wage: Already (in the wake of Katrina), no-bid contracts have been awarded to major Republican contributors including Kellogg, Brown & Root, the subsidiary of Vice President Dick Cheney’s old company Halliburton. President Bush has unilaterally lifted a protection law that makes it possible for contractors to pay sub-minimum wage ... Read More »

Dear Dems: Draft The John Wayne Dude

The question that should be on at least the occasional lip: is the Ragin’ Cajun a Democrat? Can you imagine a better presidential candidate than Lieutenant General Russel Honore, the cussin’ stogie-chompin’ pitbull hero of this post-Katrina hell? First of all, he’s not really Cajun: he’s Creole, and he represents, in one person, almost the entire American electorate: he’s white, ... Read More »

The Taking Responsibility Thing

Oh to have been a fly on the wall: GEORGE W. BUSH: You want me to take responsibility? KARL ROVE: George, the numbers are a problem. 42 percent. 38 percent. I figure “taking responsibility” puts you back up to, say, 49 percent. I can work with that. GEORGE: But – Brownie fell on his sword. I have to fall on ... Read More »

How To Protect Yourself From This Administration

Perhaps it’s time to ask for your civil rights back. Many intelligent, well-meaning people argued that the Patriot Act was a necessary bargain; we gave away crucial freedoms, so that the government could ensure our safety. The premise here was that the government was competent to ensure our safety. We now know, in the wake of Katrina, that this administration ... Read More »

Katrina’s Diaspora

Future historians will regard the destruction of New Orleans as something significantly more than the single most costly natural disaster in the nation’s history: it marks the beginning of an entirely new form of American culture. Every major diaspora in history has resulted in radically new hybrid cultures of dislocation. In the United States, for instance, the exodus from the ... Read More »