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Filibuster Alito, You Cowards

Sometimes you have to enter a battle without overwhelming force and the assurance of victory - that's what's known as "courage." Read More »

How You Know You’ve Been Kidnapped by the CIA

If you are mistakenly imprisoned and tortured by the CIA, it's useful to know what to expect. Read More »

The Poetics of Jake

Yesterday I stumbled upon an entirely new genre of literature. While searching for a Sonny Rollins disc on, I happened upon the following customer review of Saxophone Colossus: Among the finest jazz works ever. Typically, I order mayonnaise as my condiment of choice on a sandwich. But after my cat’s death, I can’t seem to come to terms with ... Read More »

As the Buck Screeches to a Halt

A smear campaign without Rove is like the Astros sans Clemens -- Rove's the Great One, the Gretsky of Libel. Read More »


Re: Karl Rove. I suspect I'm not the only one to investigate that exquisite expression: "to frog-march." Read More »

In Which Harriet Miers Disrupts My Sleep

I had a dream about Harriet Miers the other night. (Yes, yes, I know: Cooper, get a life.) Read More »

McCain Hauls America From the Abyss

Remember when public figures were impressive? Yes, once there were good men, and we'd occasionally elect them. Read More »

Harriet Miers: Good Joke or Bad Joke?

Harriet Miers once told David Frum "that the president was the most brilliant man she had ever met." Read More »

William Bennett, Cheerleader for Abortion Rights

Why not abort all children? And murder their parents. I guarantee that crime would be completely eradicated. Read More »

Dismal Science, Abysmal Conclusions

Albaugh: "FEMA... the original faith-based initiative... is a perfect fit with President Bush's new approach to helping the poor." Read More »