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Movie Review: Get Rich or Die Tryin’

Before seeing 50 Cent's new film, I wondered if I'd "Get Vic'd and Leave (the theater) Cryin'". I'm happy to report I left with a smile. Read More »

Samuel Betta Do the Right Thing Like Spike Lee

Samuel L. Jackson makes a point about rappers eating into Hollywood's meager opportunities for trained black actors, but... Read More »

Rosa Parks Has Left Life’s Bumpy Bus

Rosa Parks has died at the age of 92. Finally, she got off the bus -- that bumpy ride called "life." Read More »

Funky Halloween: Hellish party treats for your tricks

If you want your party guests to really shake dem Halloween bones, here's what to dust off now to get their dancing knees a-clacking. Read More »

Dwele’s 100% Baby-Maker CD: Some Kinda Review

Detroit's own Dwele of Slum Village fame has birthed a gem in the fine tradition of Motown legend Marvin Gaye. Read More »

Fela Kuti: New Book on the Man, Myth, Music Legend

New book about the Motherland's answer to James Brown gives fresh perspective on his colorful, post-colonial government-chiding life. Read More »

Join Lil’ Kim’s Book Club Today! (CD Sold Separately)

Yes-yes, y'all. From Sing-Sing. Here's the Queen Bee's prison reading list. It, of course, is a biotch. Read More »

Modern Music: How O-old Are You?

Hendrix might have blazed on some "Purple Haydn" if W.C. Handy hadn't done what he did this day in 1912. Read More »

Neo Soul: Funk ‘n’ Grits ‘n’ Gravy

There are many Soul music tributaries today, but only Neo Soul aspires to stay rooted firmly in the past. Read More »

Get Rich, Or Die Horse Ridin’

A major film about the troubled turned triumphant life of Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson hits theater screens on Nov. 9th. Ready for exponentially more of this muthaf***** P.I.M.P.? Read More »