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Book Review – Mozart’s Sister by Nancy Moser

An authentic, moving visit to another time and place. Read More »

Book Review: Relentless by Robin Parrish

This debut novel has a lethal game of cat-and-mouse. Read More »

Book Review: Mark of the Cross by Judith Pella

If you would like the feel of being a knight or lady in the 13th century, this may be the fat beach-book for you. Read More »

Book Review – Presumed Guilty by James Scott Bell

An entertaining and deliciously jumpy read. Read More »

Book Review: The Secret Life of Becky Miller by Sharon Hinck

A fast-paced, humorous yet thoughtful read that will find you sneaking chapters while waiting for the kids. Read More »

Book Review: Rekindled by Tamera Alexander

Larson Jennings’ unexplained departure begins Tamera Alexander’s debut novel. The story is fast-paced, with a Hardy-esque feel. Read More »

Review: Book Proposals That $ell By W. Terry Whalin

I thought I’d enjoy it about as much as a handful of vitamins, but this slim volume had more than one surprise in store. Read More »

Book Review: The Bark of the Bog Owl by Jonathan Rogers

In a lively read, Rogers transplants the story of David from the Old Testament to a medieval fantasyland. Read More »

Book Review: Waking Lazarus

It’s great to see Christian fiction cutting a new swath with this psychological thriller. Read More »

Book Review: River Rising

Athol Dickson’s River Rising opens with Hale Poser, former reverend with a bad hip, poling his pirogue through the fog and up to the dock of the stilt town near the mouth of the Mississippi. He comes at the beckon of a deep desire to find his roots with his only map, the word ‘Pilotville’ scribbled on a yellowed piece ... Read More »