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Reforming the Democratic Party

I came into Election Day more confident than I had been at most points in the campaign. Polls were showing Kerry leads in Florida and Ohio. I’m not going to try to figure out what went wrong, but what the Democratic Party needs to do in preparation for 2008. The day after Election Day, the London Daily Mirror asked “How ... Read More »

No WMDs in Iraq, for about a dozen years

Fuel just keeps being added to this fire. Here’s the train of events over the last week: Sunday, October 3 – New York Times releases the findings of their investigation into the aluminum tubes the Bush administration claimed was the most damning evidence of Hussein’s nuclear program. The investigation asserts that nuclear experts consulted by the White House seriously doubted ... Read More »

The Presidential Debate

From my blog Kerry totally rocked the debate. You know it. I know it. Republican spinners know it. Not to say that Bush made any huge blunders as often happens in past presidential debates, a la Bush senior nervously checking at his watch when asked how he relates to the average voters he represents. However, both in content and demeanor, ... Read More »

9/11 Three Years Later

From my blog It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since 9/11. At times it seems like we have lived in our often (though often justifiably) paranoid state forever. Other times it seems like the event happened so recently, (though the constant reminders at the political conventions seek to make that impression.) Before 9/11, things seemed a lot ... Read More »

Getting over Vietnam

From my blog With the Swift Boat ads dominating campaign news in August and the more recent attack on Bush’s service in the National Guard, I was struck by the following from Clinton’s book My Life: “About three weeks after the election, I had received a remarkable letter from Robert McNamara, who, as secretary of defense under Presidents Kennedy and ... Read More »

1000+ Dead in Iraq

From my blog More than 1000 U.S. men and women have died in Iraq as of yesterday, September 7th, Rumsfeld announced. He also took an unusual step: “Rumsfeld took the unusual step yesterday of saying that U.S. and coalition forces ‘probably’ had killed between 1,500 and 2,500 former regime elements, criminals and terrorists last month.” Two for one – not ... Read More »

Zell Miller – Governor, Senator, Monster?

From my blog Zell Miller’s speech was the ugliest rant I have ever heard. Ideology is not the only thing Miller shares with the Bush administration. He also shares their habit of using horribly out-of-context material, grave generalities, and fighting words to push their agenda at the expense of anything substantive, constructive, or positive. This RNC indeed has been time ... Read More »


Yesterday, President Bush on the “Today” show: “When Mr. Lauer asked him about the war on terrorism, Mr. Bush replied, ‘I don’t think you can win it.’ The president went on to say, ‘I think you can create conditions so that those who use terror as a tool are less acceptable in parts of the world.'” Today to the American ... Read More »

Interview with Bush

From my blog Well, there isn’t much to say about this interview except how wonderful it is to read. Two NYT reporters interview President Bush on a number of issues. Let’s take a look: “On Senator Kerry’s war record: Ms. Bumiller: Do you think Senator Kerry lied about his war record? THE PRESIDENT: I think Senator Kerry should be proud ... Read More »