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The Hypocrisy of the Cartoon Controversy

Religion is always controversial, so are western media groups. Read More »

An Interview With Gotham Chopra of Virgin Comics

Blogs, digital cameras, laptop computers, and other innovations have really opened up the medium of expression and creativity and enabled a degree of media democratization. Read More »

Will McKenna endorse buddy Ignatieff ?

On a Black Monday for the Liberal party of Canada, here is a list of potential candidates and my views on them. Read More »

Google: Don’t Be Evil

The reality vs. the hypocrisy of Google's latest move. Read More »

Dictatorship Politics Should End

Is dictatorship politics killing Canada's Liberal party? Read More »

Liberals Gains And Losses, Some Happy, Some Sad

Analysis of Liberal gains and losses in Ontario. Read More »

Martin Resigns, Leadership Predictions

The Liberal leadership race has began.Here are my predictions. Read More »

Canadian Politicians Don’t Understand Immigration Trends

While the future of Canada and many other western countries depend on immgration, do they really understand the market trends? Read More »