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Movie Review: Barnyard

This is Otis. He is a cow. That's right. Otis is a cow — a boy cow. Read More »

TV Review: Nip/Tuck – Season Three

It's twisted, unsettling, and entirely enjoyable. Word to the wise: Don't eat during the episodes. Read More »

Thoughts on Supernanny – More than Just a Frosty Glare

It's a bird, it's a plane... It's... Super Nanny! And she's here to rid you of all your parenting woes. Read More »

Marvel at Imperfection

Yeah, so I’m a bad loser. I hate playing games I can’t win, and I hardly try to get better if I suck beyond redemption at the start. I’m also one of those people who have to google for validation on my opinions now and then (subsequently bitching about it on my blog if I fail to find any). Going ... Read More »

Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith – Of Course the Sith is Pissed

what was i expecting, watching star wars ep III tonight? nothing, for one. and nothing i got. Read More »

Nothing To Get Huffy Over

Sure, it's got the excellently-cast Hank Azaria in it, but I'm not too sure I like Huff all that much... Read More »

Focked Up

I was much anticipating Ben Stiller’s sequel to Meet the Parents, particularly because of how well the first installment was received. I figured Meet the Fockers would do a decent job of upping that, especially with the help of Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand. After all, casting well-known Hollywood icons is a simple but effective way of drawing in crowds. ... Read More »

The Joy of Seamonkeys

It’s a funny thing. You’ve seen them in Toys ‘R’ Us since you were little, but if you’ve never had them as a child, chances are slim that you’ll ever pick a set up. Most people don’t even know if they’re “real”. Seamonkeys — just a fanciful name for brine shrimp, it would seem. Granted that the name is rather ... Read More »

13 Going On 30

Against friends' dissuasion, I went and caught 13 Going On 30. The verdict? I loved it. Read More »

French Kiss

If there’s one movie I know far too well, it’s French Kiss. It made its stars, Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline, two of my all-time favourite actors, and rightfully so; in my opinion, neither have been more in their element than in their roles in this film. Ryan plays the typical All-American, endearingly cute, wide-eyed girl, stuck in a foreign ... Read More »