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Book Review: You Can Fix the Fat From Childhood and Other Heart Disease Risks, Too by Gerald S. Berenson, MD, NancyKay Sullivan Wessman, MPH

You Can Fix the Fat promotes family-focused comprehensive knowledge and behaviors with an eye toward preventing early disability and death from heart disease. Read More »

Book Review: Calling All Canines…And Their Owners by Sheri Venza

Venza's book tackles such subjects as new puppies, jumping, toys, crates, aggression, and socialization. Read More »

Book Review: Breathing Blue: Giving My Life to Spirit and Spirit to My Life by Kathleen O’Dwyer

Following an unconventional path takes courage, yet Kathy soon finds it is necessary to bring about intense transformation. Read More »

Book Review: A Patient’s Guide to Liposuction: How to Make an Informed Decision by Jeffry B. Schafer, MD, FRSM

A Patient’s Guide to Liposuction offers a thorough description of liposuction techniques and was written to help patients confidently select both procedure and surgeon. Read More »

Book Review: Destined for Disease: How Mickel Therapy Changed My Life by Courtney Chambers

Destined for Disease shares a personal journey of one woman's life and her experiences being bedridden with fibromyalgia, depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Read More »

Book Review: Letters to Zerky: A Father’s Legacy to a Lost Son…and a Road Trip Around the World by Bill Raney and JoAnne Walker Raney

Both a memoir and a memorial, these collected letters and diary entries recount one family’s adventurous journey, attempting to drive around the world in a VW bus. Read More »

Book Review: He’s Not the Right One… Divorce & Dating Thereafter by Rosario Bacon Billingsley

Rosario Bacon Billingsley gives fantastic advice, an empathetic voice, and a sharp smack of reality to those going through the divorce process. Read More »

Book Review: My Annie: The True to Life Story of a Liberated Woman Written by Her Husband by Douglas Richie

Call her forward-thinking, call her educated, or call her liberated. Read More »

Book Review: Keep Dancing: Life May Not Be the Party We Hoped For, But… by Rosie Giesie

How a couple continued to live, laugh, work, and enjoy the new life they created for themselves after the loss of all three of their sons. Read More »

Book Review: A Master @ Life!: Dare to Imagine, Dare to Change by Harold L. Lamma II

You can learn how to transform your life into a life that you love. Read More »