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Finally a Time to Say Good-Bye

Almost 30 years after our relationship ended, I found a way to say farewell to a friend. Read More »

What Jack Bauer Can Learn from Tony Soprano and Michael Corleone

24 on TV is done, 24 the movie will appear someday. To succeed, Jack Bauer should heed the lessons of Tony Soprano and Michael Corleone. Read More »

Diddler on the Roof, or, the Sexiest Jewish Movies

What is sexy? What is Jewish? The two big ideas come together in a list of the sexiest Jewish movies. Read More »

What a Straight Guy Learned About Life from The L Word

As a male fan of a series about lesbians, I connected to the human dramas of seduction, loss, and fabulous clothes. Read More »

How is Chabad Like a Denzel Washington Action Movie?

After the Mumbai massacre, I made a surprising and electrifying connection between faith and Hollywood entertainment: time travel. Read More »

The Love File: To Hold the Incandescent Moment

A 30-year old folder tracks my quest for romance and reflects hope, anxiety and the impact of technology on dating. Read More »

A Baptist Chick in a Halter Top

What is sexy? The answer varies, depending on whether you're 13 or 51. One man reflects on what captivated him at both ages. Read More »

Aunt Charlotte Chronicles: “Vaa-yun, Where’s My Letter?”

A nephew recalls his aunt's passion for sending and receiving letters, and finds handwritten notes are now an intimate act. Read More »

Our Hairy Jewish Bodies, Ourselves

A meditation on the wonders of life as a hairy Jewish guy, leavened only by some anxiety over hobbit ears. Read More »

Smart, Vulnerable, and Shtetl-Lovely: The Allure of Jewish Women

A ringing defense of Jewish women in all their urgent passions. Read More »