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Van’s Law of Intellectual Television

Can smart, funny shows survive on the main networks? Read More »

Sen. Joe Lieberman

I have always heard good things about Joe Lieberman from family members that work in some capacity within the Democratic Party. All of them say that he is a trustworthy, upfront and honest individual. Recently, this same sentiment has been appearing in the press as well. Yesterday, I had the chance to watch an interview between Sen. Lieberman and Bill ... Read More »

A change in military strategy is needed

Can our military survive and fight the "wars" of the future or are we doomed to repeat our past. Read More »

Yet another change for

There was some news about this past week that didn’t get a lot of press. The domain, the one time press and investment darling of the digital music revolution, has been by Vivendi Universal to CNET Networks. As with everything on the internet, thing change. I can remember back in 94 when people on Usenet were excited because ... Read More »

Bush’s Baghdad trip

Was the Bush trip to Baghdad for press? Was this a PR move, just looking for votes in the next election? I don't think so... Read More »

Movie Review: Bad Santa

A quick review of Bad Santa, the comedy that pushes the limits on taste and drunken stupor. Two words for those with a sense of humor: must see. Read More »

Independent Taiwan, the downfall of China

A rather important step was taken by Taiwan in an effort to move into the world as a free nation. Since the civil war that split Taiwan from China in 1949, China has insisted that Taiwan was still part of the country and must be re-assimilated back in (eventually). Taiwan, on the other hand, says they are and need to ... Read More »