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Super Size Me

Finally I got to watch Super Size Me. I watched it in German, with German subtitles and the narrator-voice dubbed. It was a very good documentary, I think. Before I started watching the movie I bought me a big pizza. First I thought about going to McDonald’s to buy me a huge meal – just for the fun of it, ... Read More »

Fahrenheit 9/11

Finally I got to watch Fahrenheit 9/11. Though, I mean, it’s been out since only a few days, how can I say finally? But yes, I was very curious and impatient to hear what’s so special about this movie and what Michael Moore is telling. I’d heard of a lot of people saying good things about it, having been impressed, ... Read More »

The Terminal

In the beginning I heard The Terminal was not a great movie. Well, I also think, it is not great, it was a bit boring and slow and over-lengthy, but I liked it. When they showed the terminal in the beginning I recognized JFK airport right away. I even thought it had been the terminal where I left the USA ... Read More »

American Idol: The 7 Candidates

This time it was Barry Manilow night. Not that I’m much into his music, but okay. I thought all in all the show was fine, nothing seriously disturbing. My take on the seven candidates goes like this in the order of their performances: DIANA DeGARMO: Somehow she slightly reminded me of Celine Dion with her performance, sometimes her tone of ... Read More »

The Passion Of The Christ

I’m glad I’m finally through with The Passion Of The Christ, I must say. There were some parts that were hard to watch, and I had to turn my head away, especially when they knocked Jesus’ hands against the cross. Although the brutality he received before was also already bad, and some say it was the worst. Many say the ... Read More »

Most releases are just too crappy to be bought

I’m bored. I thought I’d point out a news bit I find interesting today: RIAA sued under gang laws That’s a whole new way to look at it: Through her attorneys, Michele Scimeca contends that by suing file-swappers for copyright infringement, and then offering to settle instead of pursuing a case where liability could reach into the hundreds of thousands ... Read More »

Michael Jackson’s accuser horribly sick

I thought I’d express my deepest feelings for cancer-sick Gavin Arvizo once again. It’s really sad to be so sick. Especially as sick as Gavin. Cancer is really very horrible, it seems. Just look at the pictures published by the Mirror, UK: [pics removed] In the first picture Gavin jumped over an 8 feet high fence, just lately. When do ... Read More »

The Butterfly Effect

Whoa, I just saw that The Butterfly Effect is getting quite bad ratings at Rotten Tomatoes. I don’t understand that, really. I thought the idea for this story was amazing. I really like how the movie’s made. I think if we look back in 2005 at what stories were told best in 2004, then The Butterfly Effect will still be ... Read More »