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Reducing Human Interference

One more inter-human barrier helps keep corporate communications channels clear. Read More »

Diagnosing the Culture

Exceeding Dostoyevsky to Save the World. Read More »

Phony Medical Testimony, or Phony NYT Article?

Most readers of this front-page New York Times story would conclude that its subject, Dr. Ray Harron, is a crook. Read More »

Deceit Culture

Appreciating logic makes you want to yell "Shut up!" at people. Read More »

Dogmatic Scientists Fight Rational Christians

I'm no natural ally to proponents of intelligent design, but I'm amazed by scientists' faith-based opposition to the theory. Read More »

Cambridge U., the Life of the Mind

Can you objectively recall experiences involving yourself? Can you rely on your memory of events in your life? Can you remember your past without distortion — without underplaying some elements or enhancing others? I was aware that Enlightenment values are on the wane in our modern world, that reason and rationality are in retreat, that relativism wins more converts each ... Read More »

Pundits Reach Similar Ideas Without Communication

Guest New York Times columnist Matt Miller joins my opinion bloc. (Supplement to earlier piece, "Irreconcilable Differences.") Read More »

Man-Corporate Interface

A major communications company copes with a communications challenge. Read More »

New York Times Illogical, Superficial on Bolton

Did John R. Bolton, Bush's nominee for UN ambassador, misrepresent intelligence or didn't he? Did he break rules or not? Read More »

Irreconcilable Differences

The movie, The Matrix, is too optimistic to work as an allegory for our world. People there can communicate. Read More »