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xx/xy (2003)

xx/xy is a modern tragedy that thrills as it kills. I was amazed with how utterly provocative and honest this movie was to its subjects, its victims, and ultimately, its audience. This movie tells the story of three friends who experiment with each other in the ways of love and sex in college. Ten years later, they find that their ... Read More »

Super Troopers (2001)

Super Troopers is a movie that has taken a life of its own since its release in 2001. Word of mouth has done wonders for this little comedy about the lives of state troopers on the Canadian border. The first thing to be said about this movie is that the very first scene is one of the funniest scenes I ... Read More »

Seabiscuit: A Tribute to the Little Guy

Gary Ross’ Seabiscuit is a predictable little movie about how the little guy wins. Literally. The movie is a kind of docu-drama, presenting a mini-history of the booming 1920s and the aftereffects of the Depression in the 1930s. While I’m all for learning about history, I thought this was misplaced in a movie about a boy and his horse. The ... Read More »

Heavenly Creatures: A Flawed Picture of Paradise

Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures (1994) is a movie about two teenage girls who have an “unhealthy” relationship with each other. The suggestion is that they are lesbians, but I think such a jump to conclusion is misgiven. After all, they’re just 15. In any case, they’re creative types who are bored and disgusted with the mundaneness of the everyday world. ... Read More »

Swimming Pool: Braving the Killer Waves

Swimming Pool is a sexy psychological thriller that is at all times grounded in the mundaneness of the everyday. And I say this because this was unmistakeably intentional on the part of director Francois Ozon. He uses the banality of the first half of the movie as a contrast and foil to the second half of the movie, which is ... Read More »

Whale Rider: A Test of Will

Whale Rider is a neat little movie about cultural revival, and the personal sacrifices that people have to make to account for it. The movie presents us with a paradox: sometimes, the revival of history and tradition requires a jolt from new, unpopular, progressive, and even dangerous ideas. It was this dichotomy of looking towards the future in order to ... Read More »

Legally Blonde 2: Ugly in Pink

I just saw Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde. Wow. What a disaster. This movie showed absolutely no restraint at all. Everything was over the top, excessive to the point of torture, and not very funny at all, to boot. This is, without a doubt, Reese Witherspoon’s worst movie to date. And I’m a Reese Witherspoon fan! (She was ... Read More »

T3: A Welcome Change of Style

Whimsically playful. Gracefully self-aware. Sentimentally lighthearted at its core. What movie am I talking about? No, not Legally Blonde 2 (although I have yet to see it). I’m talking about T3. That’s right–the third Terminator movie. This movie is full of one-liners and self-referential puns, at all times self-conscious of its past. It’s a kind of Scream for the action ... Read More »