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Michigan Grapes Finally Freed

You probably already know that most states, much to the consternation of many wineries, ban the direct shipping of wine to consumers. As of Thursday, Michigan is no longer on that list. December 15th saw Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm signing a bill that allows direct wine shipments to consumers in the state. Read More »

It’s Not California Wine if it’s Not Breaking the Rules

Whether the result of the manifest destiny archetype that seems to be burned into their collective minds or the sheer primal urge to make things bigger, Americans have a unique and peculiar logic that permeates through everything they do: Why drive a Geo when you can drive a Ford F-350? Nowhere in the wine industry is this sentiment causing more ... Read More »

Where the Health Benefits of Wine Tip to Health Risks

Okay, the cat’s out of the bag: wine is good for you. With 5th century Italian monks as inspiration and double blind clinical studies as proof, modern medicine has accepted that the benefits to drinking a moderate amount of wine on a regular basis far outweigh any that could result from not engaging in the practice. The key to this ... Read More »

Award Winning Wines That Actually Won Something

Australian wine fans may have noted over the last several years that some of the gold, silver and bronze stickers that adorn an Aussie wine label brag about awards that seem at best bizarre and at worst totally suspect. Finding a wine that was a gold medal winner at Grandma Nicky’s Barbeque, for example, might not carry with it the ... Read More »

Overcomplicating the Simple Mystery of Wine

The French are in a pickle. Only in France would wine lobbyists turn to terrorism and throw sticks of dynamite into the agriculture ministry offices in Montpelier and Carcassonne. The French government is concerned that a mass demonstration by producers in Languedoc on April 20th, 2005 could deteriorate into violence. Both the radicals and the vineyard workers (who are expressing ... Read More »

History of Champagne

Happy Accidents In the fine tradition of how wine is thought to have been discovered in the first place, Champagne was come across quite by accident. Indeed, it was engineered more from a shift in global climate than any stroke of brilliance in 16th century renaissance Europe (which was experiencing no shortage of innovative ideas). And like many fine discoveries, ... Read More »

Sam’s Club Guns for its Own Angle on Costco’s Wine Monopoly

For those of you who haven’t been living in a discount warehouse seclusion bubble for the last ten years, it comes as no surprise that Wal-Mart is strategizing how to make-up for ground lost to Costco over wine sales. Costco is and has been the largest wine retailer in the United States for some time. This is the result of ... Read More »

Health Benefits of Wine

While the introduction of the double-blind study into our modern scientific world has been but a blip on the radar screen in the 7000 year-old history of wine, it has given renewed vigor to the case that wine not only makes you feel younger, it actually can help prolong your life. The Italians have a saying that One barrel of ... Read More »

The Beauty and the Beast of Wine Blogs

Wine bloggers, like technology bloggers, are relishing in the fact that they are posting in a time unlike any other. The wine industry is exploding all over the world and the benefits cannot be overstated. One of the keystones of this phenomenon is that more great wines are available at prices that can actually match the el-cheapo brands like Yellow ... Read More »

Celebrating Blue Teeth, John Wayne Style

In the vast and diverse world of wine making, it’s difficult to find a grape that is quintessentially American. There are native North American varieties after all, but none that have made their way into any prominent role in modern wine growing. That’s one of the reasons why Petit Sirah has developed such a cult following in the United States. ... Read More »